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Nexia Ebner Stolz

University students and graduates

Tax consulting (entry-level)

Do you love constant change and want to escape drab routine? Are you creative and eager to optimize your clients’ tax situation? If so, then you’re right for our tax consulting department, where “standstill” is not a word in our vocabulary – because tax law is constantly changing just like the economic and political conditions. Are you always willing to work hard and driven to succeed, to react to changes in the economy and turn them to your clients’ advantage? Then we should get to know each other, whether you want to join our firm immediately after graduating from university or are seeking employment in a student assistantship, work study program, or internship. Have you already chosen to focus on tax consulting and would you like to specialize in it right from the start?

As a tax advi­sor, you have to mas­ter a wide and quickly chan­ging land­s­cape in order to lead our cli­ents safely through the dense jungle of Ger­man taxa­tion and to give them wise advice. At our firm, you’ll find a highly inte­res­ting and diverse set of tax con­sul­ting sce­na­rios wai­ting for you. You will enco­un­ter all dif­fe­rent kinds of legal forms and will have to handle tax issues for both cor­po­ra­ti­ons and share­hol­ders on a natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal scale.

As an assi­s­tant, you will be sup­por­ting an expe­ri­en­ced tax advi­sor with his or her daily work and will become fami­liar with all the dif­fe­rent aspects of tax returns. Along the way, you will go through both inter­nal and exter­nal trai­ning and con­ti­nuing edu­ca­tion, and we will give you time and money to pre­pare for the tax con­sul­tant exam. As a brand new tax advi­sor, you will then take over a fixed cli­ent base and have the oppor­tunity to furt­her deve­lop into a spe­cia­list in a parti­cu­lar type of taxes by dee­pe­ning your gene­ral know­ledge.

Your pro­file

  • Stu­dies in busi­ness admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion or law with a con­cen­t­ra­tion in acco­un­ting, audi­ting, law, taxa­tion, finance, con­trol­ling, etc.
  • Very good or good aca­de­mic per­for­mance
  • Good com­pu­ter skills and know­ledge of Eng­lish
  • Well-deve­lo­ped social skills
  • Wil­ling­ness to learn and to work hard

What we offer you

  • Assi­s­tance with your pro­fes­sio­nal exam
  • A wide variety of opti­ons for furt­her trai­ning in both the­ory and practice, which will also give you the oppor­tunity to receive acco­un­ting trai­ning during the first two years
  • Direct con­tact with your cli­ents
  • Inte­g­ra­tion into your team
  • Assign­ment to an ongoing con­tact part­ner
  • A diverse range of pro­fes­sio­nal acti­vi­ties
  • A steep lear­ning curve
  • Flat hier­ar­chies
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