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Value Added Tax

Va­lue ad­ded tax – VAT – ap­pears on vir­tually every in­voice. Even if it’s an ever­yday ex­pe­ri­ence, the sys­tem for do­cu­men­ting va­lue ad­ded tax and de­duc­ting in­put tax, which must work equally well in both na­tio­nal and cross-bor­der com­merce, ta­kes a sur­pri­sing amount of a com­pany’s at­ten­tion. If there’s a mis­take, va­lue ad­ded tax can quickly be­come a mar­gin-kil­ler.

Va­lue ad­ded tax re­qui­re­ments in­volve more and more red tape, and are con­stantly chan­ging. And VAT is­sues tend to come in for spe­cial scru­tiny in tax au­dits, with the aid of spe­cial au­diting soft­ware. It’s im­port­ant not to un­de­re­sti­mate po­ten­tial tax risks and sanc­tions that can leave you fi­nan­ci­ally stran­ded.

We make sure that you have your va­lue ad­ded tax well in hand, in Ger­many and ab­road. Our spe­cial con­cern is to find stra­te­gies to op­ti­mize va­lue ad­ded tax and in­put tax, and to im­ple­ment them in your com­pany, avo­iding mis­ta­kes that can slash mar­gins. We cla­rify is­sues in an in­ter­na­tio­nal con­text for you, if ne­cessary, quickly and prag­ma­ti­cally with col­lea­gues in our net­work.

Our services at a glance

  • VAT Quick Check
  • In-house trai­ning pro­grams
  • VAT ma­nual
  • As­sess­ment of na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal in­di­vi­dual and spe­cial tax mat­ters
  • VAT re­gis­tra­ti­ons in Ger­many and ab­road
  • In­put tax re­fund pro­cee­dings and other de­cla­ra­tion ob­li­ga­ti­ons in Ger­many and ab­road
  • Op­ti­mi­zing supply or ser­vice re­la­ti­ons­hips sub­ject to VAT
  • In­put tax op­ti­miza­tion for com­pa­nies with mi­xed re­ve­nues or hol­ding-com­pany struc­tures (e.g., banks or hos­pi­tals)
  • As­sis­tance, ad­vice, and if ap­plica­ble re­pre­sen­ta­tion in VAT au­dits, VAT in­spec­tions, and ap­peals in and out of court
  • Ap­peals in and out of court
  • Is­sues of cri­mi­nal tax law / volun­ta­rily com­ing for­ward

VAT Quick Check

Gi­ven how com­plex the VAT sys­tem is, it’s ent­irely pos­si­ble that your com­pany may have weak spots that ul­ti­mately cost you cash. Our VAT Quick Check is a highly prac­tical tool for dis­co­ve­ring those weak points. We start with a cu­st­omi­zed risk ana­ly­sis, then per­form a sys­te­ma­tic study of iden­ti­fied risk areas, and point out areas with po­ten­tial for im­pro­ve­ment. You’ll also be on the safe side in tax au­dits: we ana­lyze your in­ter­nal data using au­diting soft­ware that is also used by the tax aut­ho­ri­ties. So we can de­tect and cor­rect unusual pro­blem areas early. Which en­su­res bet­ter VAT struc­tures.

VAT manual

To get the re­le­vant pro­ces­ses down in black and white where your em­ployees can find them, we help you de­ve­lop a cu­st­omi­zed ma­nual that de­scri­bes stan­dard ca­ses that come up in your firm, with in­struc­tions about what to do and check­lists.

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