Economic Sectors

The Public Sector

The pu­blic sec­tor and its en­ti­ties have to th­read an obst­acle course bet­ween co­ve­ring costs, fi­nan­cial bott­le­necks, in­cre­asing re­gu­latory re­stric­tions, and in­cre­asing com­pe­ti­tion from pri­vate pro­vi­ders. And the le­gal en­viron­ment is con­stantly chan­ging, es­pe­cially for ta­xes. The re­sult is that go­vern­ment en­ti­ties in­cre­asin­gly find them­sel­ves be­com­ing en­tre­pre­neurs, fal­ling into the sub­sidy trap, or cont­en­ding with the ope­ning ba­lance sheet un­der dou­ble-sys­tem ac­coun­ting re­qui­re­ments.

Re­gio­nal go­vern­ments them­sel­ves, en­ergy uti­li­ties, mu­ni­ci­pal in­sti­tu­ti­ons, waste dis­po­sal com­pa­nies, or pu­blic re­se­arch in­sti­tu­ti­ons – they all have to deal with com­plex is­sues of fi­nan­cial re­por­ting, cost-ef­fec­tiv­en­ess, ta­xa­tion and le­gal struc­tures. Yet no set of pro­blems is like any other, and there can be no across-the-board so­lu­ti­ons. We work in the fol­lo­wing fields es­pe­cially:

  • Uti­li­ties, waste dis­po­sal com­pa­nies, mu­ni­ci­pal uti­lity com­pa­nies, en­ergy com­pa­nies
  • Busi­ness pro­mo­tion com­pa­nies
  • In­fra­struc­ture in­stal­la­ti­ons like ports or trade fair­grounds
  • Re­se­arch in­sti­tu­ti­ons
  • Trans­por­ta­tion com­pa­nies and lin­ked trans­por­ta­tion sys­tems
  • Me­dia, broad­cas­ters, film pro­mo­tion.
- and in all le­gal forms, in­clu­ding pu­blic-law in­sti­tu­ti­ons, re­gio­nal go­vern­ments, pu­blic-law cor­po­ra­ti­ons, foun­da­ti­ons, state-spon­so­red busi­nes­ses, mu­ni­ci­pal busi­nes­ses, and more.

We know the po­li­ti­cal, busi­ness and le­gal re­qui­re­ments that the pu­blic sec­tor and its en­ti­ties must meet, and can pro­vide cu­st­omi­zed, prac­tical so­lu­ti­ons. From le­gal, tax and busi­ness con­sul­ting to au­diting fi­nan­cial state­ments or spe­cial au­dits – we of­fer ser­vices from a sin­gle source, with a sin­gle con­tact per­son.

And when a ques­tion ari­ses about the right or­ga­niza­tio­nal form for a pu­blic en­ter­prise, we can ad­vise you fully, ef­fec­tively, and spe­ci­fi­cally for your par­ti­cu­lar case.

Our services at a glance

  • Au­dits of an­nual fi­nan­cial state­ments with par­ti­cu­lar at­ten­tion to spe­cial con­cerns like Fe­deral Tax Court de­ci­si­ons, State Bud­get Codes, laws on mu­ni­ci­pal busi­nes­ses
  • Au­dits un­der § 53 of the Bud­get Prin­ci­ples Act
  • Tax and le­gal ad­vice, es­pe­cially tax struc­tu­ring to al­low for the spe­cial needs of the pu­blic sec­tor, in­clu­ding
    • Ta­xa­tion of busi­nes­ses of a com­mer­cial na­ture
    • Cor­po­rate af­fi­lia­ti­ons to reap tax ad­van­ta­ges
    • Va­lue ad­ded tax op­ti­miza­tion
    • Spin-offs of busi­ness ac­tivi­ties
    • Fee law is­sues
    • Con­sul­ting for mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties
  • Tax re­turns, ac­coun­ting if de­si­red
  • Pre­pa­ring mu­ni­ci­pal ope­ning ba­lance sheets and au­diting an­nual fi­nan­cial state­ments un­der the bud­get laws
  • Au­diting ac­counts with se­pa­ra­tion of busi­ness and non-busi­ness ac­tivi­ties
  • Con­sul­ting on sub­sidy law is­sues
  • Spe­cial au­dits, e.g. un­der the Com­bi­ned Heat and Power Plants Act or the Re­ne­wable En­ergy Act
  • Sub­sidy au­dits, e.g. un­der the 7th EU Frame­work Pro­gram
  • IT / Pro­cess or­ga­niza­tion
  • In­ter­nal au­diting and pu­blic-sec­tor risk ma­nage­ment
  • Com­pli­ance for the pu­blic sec­tor

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