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Karlsruhe is known beyond its borders not only for art, culture and media, but also as a technology hub. It's where the first email in Germany was sent in 1984. Creative ingenuity, intellectual curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit are especially prized in the town. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is one of the most highly ranked research centers in the world.

Only 300 years young, Karls­ruhe cele­b­ra­ted the anni­versary of its foun­ding as a city in 2015. The second-lar­gest town in Baden-Würt­tem­berg is one of the sun­niest cities in Ger­many. The city's nick­name - the "fan city" ("Fächer­stadt") - dates back to its foun­der Mar­grave Karl Wil­helm, who plan­ned the city with a palace tower at its cen­ter, with streets fan­ning out from it like the spo­kes of a wheel. Its other nick­name is the "Resi­dence of Law" because the two hig­hest courts in Ger­many, the Federal Con­sti­tu­tio­nal Court and the Federal Court of Justice, are loca­ted here.

Standort Karlsruhe© Thinkstock

Our office in Karls­ruhe our team of experts there will pro­vide ser­vices to Ger­man and inter­na­tio­nal cli­ents. The office will be right beside the world's first media museum, known as the Cen­ter for Art and Media Tech­no­logy. In the heart of the city's inter­na­tio­nal rese­arch and deve­lop­ment area, our expe­ri­en­ced team will be at your ser­vice from day one. As mem­bers of the inter­na­tio­nal Nexia net­work, we are well equip­ped to meet the chal­len­ges of local and cross-bor­der tran­sac­ti­ons.

Many inno­va­tive mid-sized firms are spe­cia­lists in their indu­s­try. Ebner Stolz's new Karls­ruhe office offers them a single point of con­tact for expert advice.

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