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Gro­wing re­gu­latory re­qui­re­ments, no­vel in­ter­na­tio­nal risks in an on­go­ing po­ly­cri­sis, new sus­tai­na­bi­lity (ESG) chal­len­ges, and bre­aches by em­ployees or ex­ter­nal third par­ties, re­gu­larly put me­dium-si­zed com­pa­nies in par­ti­cu­lar to the test: Those who fail to keep pace with on­go­ing de­ve­lop­ments ex­pose the com­pany and its ma­nage­ment to lia­bi­lity risks. There is also the th­reat - pos­si­bly far more dras­tic - of re­pu­ta­tio­nal da­mage. With an in­te­gra­ted go­ver­nance, risk and com­pli­ance ma­nage­ment sys­tem, you equip your­self against these chal­len­ges - and ge­ne­rate ad­ded va­lue that be­ne­fits you and your com­pany.

Go­ver­nance, Risk & Com­pli­ance (GRC) - th­ree im­port­ant le­vels of ac­tion for good cor­po­rate ma­nage­ment. Ide­ally, they con­verge to form an in­te­gra­ted GRC sys­tem that en­su­res the smooth, goal-ori­en­ted and le­gally com­pli­ant in­ter­lin­king of all busi­ness pro­ces­ses. In this way, com­pa­nies create trans­pa­rency, strengt­hen their pro­ces­ses, avoid lia­bi­lity risks and se­cure a de­cisive com­pe­ti­tive ad­van­tage. Ex­pert know­ledge from va­rious di­sci­plines is re­qui­red for an ef­fi­ci­ent and ef­fec­tive GRC sys­tem that is tailo­red to the needs of a com­pany and its sta­ke­hol­ders. In ad­di­tion to all re­gu­latory as­pects from the areas of busi­ness and tax law as well as the new ESG re­gu­la­tion, mo­dern com­pli­ance ma­nage­ment sys­tems (CMS) should in­clude to con­so­li­date a po­si­tive cor­po­rate cul­ture. This ap­plies all the more as com­pa­nies will soon be ob­li­ged to im­ple­ment so-cal­led whist­leb­lo­wer sys­tems. Af­ter all, sys­tems that are not per­cei­ved as trust­wor­thy by em­ployees will ge­ne­rally not be used.

In or­der to of­fer you the best pos­si­ble ad­ded va­lue, our tax con­sul­tants, au­di­tors, la­wy­ers and ma­nage­ment con­sul­tants work to­ge­ther across di­sci­plines.

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