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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Tax Advice

Financial Accounting and Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

If you want to concentrate on your core business, often you have to outsource certain operations. Why not let the experts take care of your financial accounting and preparing your annual financial statements?

Let us take care of all your finan­cial acco­un­ting and fixed-asset mana­ge­ment, cost-cen­ter and cost-object acco­un­ting. We can allo­cate, cap­ture and ana­lyze your acco­un­ting data. Each month or each quar­ter, we can pre­pare and send you VAT esti­ma­ted pay­ments, lists of cur­rent totals and acco­unt balan­ces, and mana­ge­rial ana­ly­ses, and run indi­vi­dual ana­ly­ses for pro­fes­sio­nal groups or to meet your own needs.

We pre­pare annual finan­cial sta­te­ments for cor­po­ra­ti­ons, and also help set up relia­ble, mea­ning­ful repor­ting sys­tems in natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal con­texts.

We’ll also be happy to handle dun­ning ope­ra­ti­ons for you and pre­pare pay­ment sug­ges­tion lists, which can be made available online.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Allo­ca­ting and cap­tu­ring vou­chers and other docu­men­ta­tion you send us
  • Pre­pa­ring annual finan­cial sta­te­ments, natio­nally and inter­na­tio­nally
  • Open-item acco­un­ting for deb­tors and cre­di­tors
  • Dun­ning ope­ra­ti­ons
  • Pre­pa­ring pay­ment sug­ges­tion lists
  • Pre­pa­ring and sen­ding out esti­ma­ted VAT pay­ments
  • Cost and acti­vity acco­un­ting
  • Pre­pa­ring mana­ge­rial ana­ly­ses
  • Pre­pa­ring con­trol­ling and mana­ge­ment reports, inclu­ding graphs
  • Fixed-asset mana­ge­ment
  • Pre­pa­ring monthly and quar­t­erly finan­cial sta­te­ments
  • Pro­ces­sing pay­ments
  • Sup­por­ting your in-house finan­cial acco­un­ting
    • Set­ting up finan­cial acco­un­ting, fixed-asset mana­ge­ment and cost acco­un­ting
    • Plan­ning and orga­ni­zing acco­un­ting pro­ce­du­res
    • Pro­vi­ding sup­port from qua­li­fied per­son­nel for bott­lenecks, entry back­logs, etc.
    • Recom­men­ding and imp­le­men­ting soft­ware pro­grams

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