We as an employer

We as an em­ployer

Would you like to know what ma­kes a com­pany suc­cess­ful? What it is like to sit with the de­ci­sion-ma­kers at one ta­ble? Ex­pe­ri­ence di­rectly what im­pact your skills can have? To­ge­ther with you, Eb­ner Stolz dri­ves mid-mar­ket com­pa­nies for­ward – in au­diting, tax ad­vice, le­gal coun­sel and ma­nage­ment con­sul­ting. With over 2,100 em­ployees we have a na­ti­onwide pre­sence. Our suc­cess de­pends on strong cha­rac­ters with rough edges. We pro­vide room to move ahead in­stead of set­ting fi­xed bor­ders. We let you dis­co­ver your pro­fes­sio­nal fo­cus and drive it for­ward. At Eb­ner Stolz your per­so­nal de­ve­lop­ment will be more ra­pid and you will ob­tain an un­der­stan­ding of the big pic­ture for we work to­ge­ther across hier­ar­chies and spe­cia­list is­sues. Help us to drive the middle mar­ket!

Fi­gu­res - dates - facts

Re­ve­nue: ap­pro­xi­mately € 343,5m in 2022

Em­ployees: over 2,100 of which 1,700 are qua­li­fied pro­fes­sio­nals

Or­ga­niza­tion: stron­gly ori­en­ted towards our cli­ents, in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary teams, flat hier­ar­chies, per­for­mance-ori­en­ted in­itia­tive-ba­sed cul­ture, over 180 part­ners

Our va­lues

Open­ness and trust are in­te­gral to the spi­rit of coope­ra­tion at RSM Eb­ner Stolz. Any misun­der­stan­ding is cla­ri­fied ra­pidly and any la­tent or open con­flicts ad­dres­sed di­rectly.

These things go wi­thout say­ing in our working en­viron­ment. For this re­ason we have drawn up our own core va­lues to pro­vide ori­en­ta­tion and to which we feel com­mit­ted.

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Data pro­tec­tion du­ring the ap­pli­ca­tion pro­cess

It is of great im­port­ance to us that your data are kept se­cure. You can learn how we pro­tect your data over the ent­ire du­ra­tion of the ap­pli­ca­tion pro­cess here.