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Common goals – common values

Ebner Stolz doesn't hire run-of-the-mill con­sul­tants, but selects highly-qua­li­fied indi­vi­duals who con­tri­bute their strengths to custo­mi­zed cli­ent con­sul­ting.

We have a col­le­gial cul­ture that is bound toge­ther by com­mon goals and values while empha­si­zing indi­vi­dua­lity and indi­vi­dual ini­tia­tive.

Our more than 1,800 emp­loyees at 14 loca­ti­ons are bound by a com­mon con­vic­tion: we strive for top per­for­mance and main­tain our com­mon core values, which we are very proud of.

Ebner Stolz's highly-qua­li­fied emp­loyees bring their own per­so­na­lity and exper­tise to bear on each cli­ent’s indi­vi­dual situa­tion. Each per­son's con­tri­bu­tion to our suc­cess and the suc­cess of our cli­ents is not a ques­tion of age, hier­ar­chy or life expe­ri­ence, but above all a ques­tion of per­so­na­lity.

Our emp­loyees are pas­sio­nate about their work. Know­ledge and vision, res­pon­si­bi­lity and trust­wort­hi­ness, fri­end­li­ness and fair­ness aren't just empty words at Ebner Stolz: they are what we're all about.

Our com­mon values also form the basis for each indi­vi­dual's suc­cess­ful growth.

With a com­pre­hen­sive trai­ning pro­gram at our Ebner Stolz Aca­demy, we sys­te­mati­cally pre­pare our emp­loyees for their work and help them deve­lop their poten­tial even after they've joi­ned the firm, with regu­lar con­ti­nuing edu­ca­tion events and soft-skills trai­ning.

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