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Tax Advice

Ongoing Tax Advice

No tax matter is exactly like any other. Each year taxpayers are confronted with new tax rules. There’s nothing routine about tax law. Keeping up to date is a challenge even for the experts.

We keep a con­­stant eye on tax chan­­ges and apply the right amen­­ded laws, tax period after tax period, for your own par­ti­­cu­lar tax situa­­tion. So bot­tom-line, you don’t wind up over­­paying taxes – no mat­­ter whe­ther you’re a cor­­po­ra­­tion, busi­­ness owner, or pri­vate indi­vi­­dual, or whe­ther it's income tax, emp­­loyee with­hol­­ding tax, or value added tax. We keep you up to date with regu­larly recur­ring pre­­sen­ta­­ti­ons about cur­­rent deve­­lop­­ments, and iden­­tify where action may be nee­­­ded.

The tax admi­­ni­s­t­ra­­tion often exer­­ci­­ses its disc­­re­­tionary powers incon­­sis­­tently – a fur­t­her pro­­b­­lem for tax plan­­ning. In such uncer­­tain cases, we pre­pare mea­­ning­­ful, under­­stan­da­ble opi­­ni­ons or send bin­­ding infor­­ma­­tion to the tax agency – so you’re on the safe side before you ever go through with a plan.

Any com­pany goes into a state of emer­­gency when the tax audi­­tors arrive. Rele­vant infor­­ma­­tion has to be made available elec­tro­­ni­­cally to the audi­­tor, and ques­­ti­ons have to be ans­we­­red. Apart from the tie-up of inter­­nal resour­ces, there’s the loo­­ming risk of dis­­pu­­tes with the tax admi­­ni­s­t­ra­­tion, and of unp­­le­a­­sant sur­pri­­ses. We work with you in advance to pre­pare your com­pany for future tax audits, and stand by you at all times to pro­­­tect your inte­­rests and your rights. We assist you with every aspect of a tax audit, inclu­­ding dis­­cus­­sing fin­an­­cial sta­­te­­ments, and will then file appeals against the audit results if necessary.