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Inheritance Law

Good cor­po­rate ma­nage­ment in­clu­des far-sigh­ted plan­ning. An­yone who gi­ves some thought to the fu­ture will also deal early with ma­king ap­pro­priate ar­ran­ge­ments for cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion. Our in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion teams will work with you to de­ve­lop a struc­tu­red suc­ces­sion pro­cess – so you, as a busi­ness per­son, your suc­ces­sor, and ever­yone else in­vol­ved (like fa­mily mem­bers) have the right le­gal pro­tec­tion, and the trans­fer can take place with the lo­west pos­si­ble tax im­pact.

There are end­less an­swers to the ques­tion of a well-qua­li­fied suc­ces­sor. And the fea­si­ble paths for cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion are just as di­verse. The right an­swer calls for a know­ledge of in­heri­tance law, cor­po­rate law and tax law, but also for in­tui­tion that helps do justice to the in­te­rests of ever­yone in­vol­ved, and finds a sa­tis­fac­tory so­lu­tion for ever­yone. Apart from en­su­ring a com­pany’s suc­cess for the long term, these mat­ters re­gu­larly also in­volve the busi­ness ow­ner’s in­di­vi­dual fa­mily si­tua­tion. We’re well aware of these sen­si­tive in­te­rests, and can as­sist you as a ca­pable, con­struc­tive ad­vi­sor.

Our services at a glance

  • As­sis­tance with choo­sing a suc­ces­sor
  • Plan­ning cor­po­rate suc­ces­sorship
  • In­heri­tance-law as­pects of cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion
  • Cor­po­rate-law im­ple­men­ta­tion of plan­ning for suc­ces­sion, in­clu­ding em­ploy­ment-law and other ci­vil-law con­se­quen­ces
  • Tax op­ti­miza­tion of cor­po­rate suc­ces­sion
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