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High-Net-Worth Private Clients

Apart from per­so­nal wis­hes, cu­st­omi­zed as­set in­vest­ment fo­cu­ses not only on ma­xi­mi­zing in­come, but also on nu­me­rous tax as­pects. Ques­ti­ons to be con­side­red here in­clude in­come tax and pos­si­bly soon wealth tax. If as­sets are trans­fer­red to the next ge­ne­ra­tion, in­heri­tance and gift tax mat­ters also can’t be ne­glec­ted. Fi­nally, pro­per tax re­turns are highly im­port­ant – be­cause the tax ad­mi­nis­tra­tion is cur­rently loo­king more clo­sely at high-net-worth in­di­vi­du­als, and is en­tit­led to con­duct tax au­dits.

It's a good idea to have an ad­vi­sor at your side to keep an eye on all these ques­ti­ons. We can ad­vise you in ever­ything to do with as­sets and ta­xes. We of­fer a broad range of ser­vices, and help you struc­ture your as­sets in the best pos­si­ble way, or to ar­range to trans­fer them to the next ge­ne­ra­tion.

Our con­sul­ting ap­proach is stra­te­gic and ho­listic, to take pro­per ac­count of the fre­quently com­plex pro­perty si­tua­ti­ons in busi­ness and pri­vate sphe­res. To make the most of all op­ti­ons, an ex­pert team of tax ad­vi­sors, at­tor­neys, ac­coun­tants, and au­di­tors will de­ve­lop your own per­so­nal tax and in­vest­ment con­cept.

Our services at a glance

  • As­set plan­ning and op­ti­miza­tion for ta­xes
  • Op­ti­mi­zing re­la­ti­ons­hips bet­ween pri­vate and busi­ness as­sets
  • Selec­ting the best le­gal form for as­sets
  • Ad­vi­sing on in­vest­ment mo­dels, such as pri­vate equity, ven­ture ca­pi­tal, clo­sed-end real es­tate funds and other in­vest­ment funds
  • Re­viewing po­ten­tial for op­ti­miza­tion of se­cu­ri­ties, real es­tate, equity ow­nerships and in­surance
  • Ex­pert eva­lua­tion of fi­nan­cial in­no­va­ti­ons
  • Tax as­sis­tance in de­ve­lo­ping in­vest­ment stra­te­gies and con­cepts
  • Ana­ly­sis of in­vest­ment funds and in­surance in­vest­ments
  • Pre­pa­ring tax-op­ti­mi­zed (spe­cial) fund mo­dels
  • Tax plan­ning when fi­nan­cing real es­tate
  • Ad­vi­sing on real es­tate ac­qui­si­ti­ons in Ger­many and ab­road
  • Ad­vi­sing on suc­ces­sion
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