Foreign Activities

Global Mobility

Medium-sized companies have been going beyond their home markets for some time now. They have long been selling and producing internationally. And where a company goes, so do its employees. So the globalization of the economy has also resulted in a globalization of employee postings.


Ger­man pa­rent com­pa­nies post em­ployees to for­eign sub­si­dia­ries to set up sa­les and dis­tri­bu­tion struc­tures or pro­duc­tion fa­ci­li­ties. And they bring in em­ployees from for­eign es­ta­blish­ments to work in Ger­many for a time. Some em­ployees com­mute from one pro­ject to ano­ther around the world. Some em­ployees work for the same em­ployer – and some ma­na­gers ma­nage com­pa­nies – in mul­ti­ple for­eign coun­tries si­mul­ta­neo­usly.

Be­si­des the in-house and per­so­nal pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for such pos­tings, which are al­re­ady ex­ten­sive, there are also many for­ma­li­ties that have to be ad­dres­sed, such as em­ploy­ment con­tract terms on re­si­dence and im­mi­gra­tion ques­ti­ons, or cla­ri­fy­ing tax and so­cial se­cu­rity ob­li­ga­ti­ons.

These re­gu­larly in­volve both the em­ployee’s coun­try of re­si­dence and the coun­try to which the em­ployee is pos­ted. So ar­ran­ge­ments can of­ten be dif­fi­cult, and so­me­ti­mes even im­pos­si­ble wi­thout an ad­vi­sor with the right ex­per­tise. In tax and so­cial se­cu­rity mat­ters es­pe­cially, it’s im­port­ant to avoid dou­ble ta­xa­tion as a con­se­quence of mul­ti­ple ob­li­ga­ti­ons in dif­fe­rent coun­tries.

Both em­ployees and com­pa­nies can fall into nu­me­rous traps in pos­ting em­ployees ab­road and in the in­ter­na­tio­nal pro­ject busi­ness. De­ci­si­ons have to be made on how to struc­ture a for­eign in­vest­ment – as a for­eign es­ta­blish­ment or a sub­si­di­ary. Wi­th­hol­ding-tax im­pact must be pre­ven­ted or re­du­ced as much as pos­si­ble, and trans­fer pri­cing must be che­cked for ap­pro­pria­ten­ess. Last but not least, there are va­lue ad­ded tax risks to be at­ten­ded to.

Our in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary teams in Glo­bal Mo­bi­lity will cla­rify all ques­ti­ons of em­ploy­ment law, in­surance law and ta­xes for you and your em­ployees, and de­ve­lop agree­ments with you that serve the best in­te­rests of both you as an em­ployer and your em­ployees. Af­ter all, a pos­ting mustn’t fail me­rely be­cause of for­ma­li­ties – it should bring be­ne­fits for the com­pany and em­ployee both.

We can re­solve ques­ti­ons about for­eign law smoothly and wi­thout red tape th­rough our part­ners in the Ne­xia net­work – a plat­form of spe­cia­lists who know one ano­ther per­so­nally and work quickly, fle­xi­bly, ef­fi­ci­ently and prac­tically with one ano­ther.