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Real Estate Law

Commercial and residential real estate has an important role to play, not least of all because of its value and the large amount of capital it ties up. At the same time, planning, building, managing and marketing property is a complex subject. That’s also reflected in the legal situation – very familiar territory for our attorneys on the real estate team.

No mat­ter whe­ther you’re hol­ding real estate to safe­guard capi­tal, inves­ting in a real estate com­pany or real estate fund, or run­ning a real estate busi­ness, we can advise you on every legal aspect of real estate tran­sac­ti­ons and invest­ments. That inclu­des not just sales, purcha­ses, deve­lop­ment and mar­ke­ting, but also orga­ni­zing spe­cial forms of finan­cing for real estate and real estate pro­jects.

Our indu­s­try-ori­en­ted, multi-dis­ci­p­li­nary approach enab­les our real estate attor­neys to take cor­po­rate and tax law into acco­unt as they resolve real estate issues, which helps them find the best solu­tion for you.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Legal struc­tu­ring of invest­ment and acqui­si­tion pro­ces­ses
  • Foun­ding spe­cial-pur­pose vehi­c­les and acqui­si­tion vehi­c­les
  • Legal due dili­gence
  • Draf­ting and nego­tia­ting real estate con­tracts, inclu­ding
    • Pro­perty and inhe­ri­ta­ble buil­ding rights agree­ments (asset deals)
    • Share purchase agree­ments (share deals)
    • Joint ven­ture agree­ments and other orga­niza­tio­nal agree­ments
    • Finan­cing and col­la­te­ral agree­ments
    • Lea­ses
    • Asset, pro­perty and faci­lity mana­ge­ment agree­ments
    • Prime-con­trac­tor and gene­ral-con­trac­tor agree­ments
    • Agree­ments bet­ween neigh­bors
  • Con­sul­ting on con­struc­tion and plan­ning law for real estate pro­jects
  • IPO con­sul­ting, design of REITs
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