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Ebner Stolz helps bring for­ward middle-mar­ket cham­pi­ons like Fischer, LBBW, Por­sche, Edding, Block Gruppe, DuMont Medi­en­gruppe, INDUS, AGRA­VIS, Alba Group, Land­gard or Stihl. With its various inter­di­s­ci­p­li­nary func­ti­ons, such as IT, human capi­tal and mar­ke­ting, Ebner Stolz Ser­vices ensu­res that the col­lea­gues in the busi­ness lines of audi­ting, tax advice, legal advice and mana­ge­ment con­sul­ting can do an excel­lent job. Ebner Stolz is gro­wing. Ebner Stolz Ser­vices accom­pa­nies and faci­li­ta­tes this growth. As a com­pe­tent enab­ler and ser­vices pro­vi­der we are strong toge­ther and coope­rate on for­ward-loo­king issues, such as digi­tiza­tion. Why not con­tri­bute your skills set and join us on the jour­ney?


About us

About us

Ebner Stolz is gro­wing – and with the com­pany also the sig­ni­fi­cance or Ebner Stolz Ser­vices, our inter­nal ser­vices divi­sion. Already over 150 indi­vi­duals work for our ser­vices divi­sion at our various loca­ti­ons in addi­tion to 150 assi­s­tants. We do eve­r­y­t­hing we can to help our col­lea­gues in audi­ting, tax, legal and mana­ge­ment con­sul­ting do a really good job. We see our­sel­ves as a ser­vice unit with experts in various dis­ci­p­li­nes: from IT via con­trol­ling and finan­cial acco­un­ting to HR and mar­ke­ting. The assi­s­tants are clo­sest to the pro­fes­sio­nal ser­vice lines as they take work of their hands and keep an eye on eve­r­y­t­hing.

Room to deve­lop
In asso­cia­tion with the growth of Ebner Stolz, the ser­vice units are also beco­ming inc­rea­sin­gly pro­fes­sio­nal. This pro­vi­des emp­loyees in the ser­vice units an excel­lent oppor­tunity to struc­ture their own per­so­nal deve­lop­ment – both in their daily work and in various pro­jects. Practi­cal lear­ning is com­p­le­men­ted with needs-ori­en­ted, indi­vi­dually-tai­lo­red offers for per­so­nal deve­lop­ment.

Offers for various career sta­ges
We regu­larly seek pro­fes­sio­nals, gra­dua­tes and app­renti­ces for our ser­vice units. In addi­tion, we offer internships and dual-track work/study posi­ti­ons in our various ser­vice areas. Indi­vi­dual ser­vice units also offer stu­dents in the rele­vant pro­fes­si­ons the oppor­tunity to write their bache­lor’s or mas­ter’s the­sis in coope­ra­tion with Ebner Stolz.

Offers for a range of dif­fe­rent fields
Our ser­vice units offer exci­ting oppor­tuni­ties in the fol­lo­wing fields:

  • IT
  • Mar­ke­ting
  • Human capi­tal
  • Con­trol­ling & finan­cial acco­un­ting
  • Assi­s­tance & recep­tion
  • Library, purcha­ses, faci­lity mana­ge­ment, vehi­cle fleet
Fle­xi­bi­lity in struc­tu­ring your wor­king hours
The emp­loyees in ser­vices enjoy great fle­xi­bi­lity in struc­tu­ring their wor­king hours. Indi­vi­dua­li­zed part-time models, trust-based wor­king hours, and an across-the-board overtime policy allow us to take acco­unt of your indi­vi­dual needs.

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Our training offers

Our training offers

With us, you will not be left mar­king time, but allo­wed to march for­ward stea­dily and indi­vi­dually on the basis of your skills and expec­ta­ti­ons. Your per­so­nal and pro­fes­sio­nal advance is based on three needs-ori­en­ted pil­lars which are a pro­duct of our expec­ta­tion to offer the best pos­si­ble ser­vice.

On the job
You will deve­lop your own pro­fes­sio­nal skills, methods and soft skills when you take on more and more res­pon­si­bi­lity for your cho­sen topics. For example, during your induc­tion phase you might already make sug­ges­ti­ons for impro­ving pro­ces­ses and later pro­fit from the exper­tise of your col­lea­gues when wor­king inde­pen­dently on a cross-divi­sio­nal basis with other teams and pro­fes­sio­nals, gai­ning the oppor­tunity to drive for­ward your own spe­cial topics.

Near the job
You can also deve­lop your skills out­side of the fixed fields assig­ned to you: you will assume res­pon­si­bi­lity for one of the many pro­jects at Ebner Stolz Ser­vices and work inde­pen­dently with exter­nal ser­vice pro­vi­ders, pro­fes­sio­nals and other ser­vice teams.

Off the job
On top of your practi­cal expe­ri­ence, we will also advance your deve­lop­ment by offe­ring regu­lar sti­mu­lus in the form of trai­ning semi­nars on topics such as pro­fes­sio­nal know­ledge or methods like HR con­trol­ling, pro­ject mana­ge­ment or acco­un­ting exper­tise and also on expan­ding your soft skills, such as your lea­dership abi­li­ties and com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills. In addi­tion to these indi­vi­dual trai­ning offers, we also offer group trai­ning on topics such as mana­ging inter­views, pay­roll or the GDPR.

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Living our team spirit

Living our team spirit

The best thing about Ebner Stolz is our col­lea­gues.

And this beco­mes evi­dent not just in daily team­work but also at the attrac­tive cor­po­rate events and our after-work social events.

Whe­ther sports acti­vi­ties or sha­red team outings, our col­lea­gues are genuine team play­ers, also out­side of the office.

See for your­self:

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How to join us

How to join us

If you decide to submit an application, you will not be put through the mill of a long application process or have to undergo assessment centers or psychological aptitude tests. Rather, you will be given the opportunity to meet our managers in a personal meeting. This quickly tells us if you match our team or not. You can join us in just five steps!

Sui­ta­ble job adver­ti­se­ment

You can find inte­res­ting news and exci­ting posi­ti­ons in our new entrants’ por­tal and on the career pages of our pro­fes­sio­nal lines. Do not hesi­tate to con­tact us if you have any ques­ti­ons.

Sub­mit your app­li­ca­tion

Found your dream job? We do not expect you to spend your costly time fil­ling out screeds of app­li­ca­tion forms. Using our brief online form you can enter your per­so­nal data and docu­ments (cur­ri­cu­lum vitae and cer­ti­fi­ca­tes) to ensure that your app­li­ca­tion arri­ves quickly.

Per­so­nal mee­ting

We are inte­res­ted in you as a per­son! For this rea­son we have acti­vely cho­sen not to use anony­mous assess­ment cen­ters ins­tead relying on per­so­nal mee­tings to get to know you. We take enough time to address your ques­ti­ons, desi­res and ideas. This gives both you and us the best pos­si­ble impres­sion of how well we match each other.

Your indi­vi­dual emp­loy­ment con­tract

You will receive your indi­vi­dual emp­loy­ment con­tract wit­hout any delay!

Wel­come to one of our 15 loca­ti­ons

WEL­COME @EB­NER STOLZ! We look for­ward to you star­ting in our team!

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