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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Tax Advice

Assets and Taxes

The aim of strategic investments should always be to preserve assets, and to increase them where possible. The tax environment mustn’t be ignored in that effort. But even for companies, taxes are not a subject limited just to the operations level. They also affect the entrepreneurs or owners who back the company. Here it’s especially important to structure corporate and private assets in the best possible way for tax purposes.

To take due acco­unt of the fre­qu­ently com­plex asset situa­ti­ons in busi­ness and the pri­vate sphere, we pur­sue a stra­te­gic, holistic approach to con­sul­ting, in which your con­tact per­son will deve­lop your own per­so­na­li­zed con­cept, if app­lica­ble in coope­ra­tion with an expert team of tax advi­sors, attor­neys, acco­un­t­ants, and audi­tors. In addi­tion to your cur­rent tax situa­tion, we also keep an eye on the tax con­se­qu­en­ces when a change of gene­ra­ti­ons takes place.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Asset plan­ning and opti­miza­tion for taxes
  • Opti­mi­zing rela­ti­onships bet­ween pri­vate and busi­ness assets
  • Selec­ting the best legal form for assets
  • Advi­sing on invest­ment models, such as pri­vate equity, ven­ture capi­tal, clo­sed-end real estate funds and other invest­ment funds
  • Revie­wing poten­tial for opti­miza­tion of secu­ri­ties, real estate and equity inte­rests in com­pa­nies
  • Tax assi­s­tance in deve­lo­ping invest­ment stra­te­gies and con­cepts
  • Ana­ly­zing invest­ment funds
  • Pre­pa­ring tax-opti­mi­zed (spe­cial) fund models
  • Tax plan­ning when finan­cing real estate
  • Con­sul­ting on real estate acqui­si­ti­ons
  • Arran­ging and assis­ting trans­fers of assets to heirs
  • Set­ting up tax-opti­mi­zed family hol­ding com­pa­nies and assis­ting family busi­nes­ses
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