Our values

Openness and trust are integral to our spirit of cooperation.

Any misun­der­stan­ding is cla­ri­fied ra­pidly and we quickly ad­dress any la­tent or open con­flicts. Whoever has so­me­thing on their mind should say it.

We value every individual and show them respect.

When it co­mes to the crunch, stand­points have to be ta­ken. What is de­cisive is that ever­yone can come to a so­lu­tion wi­thout lo­sing face.

We rely on cooperation, for each of us works in a disciplined fashion.

Ever­yone puts all their ef­fort into the task and li­ves up to his or her pro­mi­ses. Ta­king it easy and ri­ding on the coat­tails of others is not de­si­red.

We acknowledge each other and know how to give and take constructive criticism.

Whoever has ear­ned praise, should re­ceive it and feel proud about it. Cri­ti­cism is made in a mo­ti­vating, en­cou­ra­ging and ob­jec­tive man­ner. Mo­re­over, cri­ti­cism does is not a one-way street from the top to the bot­tom, but can flow in both di­rec­tions.

We inform each other rapidly and transparently.

Each em­ployee is in­for­med di­rectly, wi­thout misun­der­stan­ding and in a tar­ge­ted fa­shion about wha­te­ver he or she needs to per­form the task.

We take time for each other.

The cli­ent ta­kes prio­rity. At the same time, it is the task of each in­di­vi­dual’s daily or­ga­niza­tion to find time for col­lea­gues and meet with em­ployees. Showing app­re­cia­tion in the form of brief feed­back is not a ques­tion of time.

Good manners, such as common courtesy and punctuality go without saying.

A warm wel­come or a smile say more than a thousand words. You may be late to a mee­ting, but ne­ver wi­thout quickly no­ti­fy­ing the others be­forehand.

Every individual is a role model, particularly managers.

This also ap­plies to what, at face va­lue, ap­pear to be tri­vial mat­ters.