Legal Advice

Corporate Law

Choosing the right legal form is a question that crops up more often than just when a company is being founded. Depending on how a company develops, how it’s financed, or who plays key roles behind it, choosing a legal form may emerge again as an issue. Corporate law offers a variety of options. We can help you find the right one for you.

Wha­te­ver the si­tua­tion – heavy reli­ance on indi­vi­du­als that calls for a com­mer­cial or limi­ted part­nership, a mar­ket si­tua­tion that ma­kes a limi­ted-lia­bi­lity com­pany or stock cor­po­ra­tion pre­fe­ra­ble, or an in­ves­tor in the back­ground who ma­kes a sil­ent part­nership desi­ra­ble – we’ll work using the goals we deve­lop with you to find a cu­sto­mi­zed solu­tion for your com­pany: one that con­s­i­ders not only cor­po­rate law but also eco­no­mic and tax con­cerns.