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Ebner Stolz supports ARCUS Capital AG in the acquisition of BitterPower GmbH

  • AR­CUS Ca­pi­tal AG ac­qui­res ma­jo­rity stake in Bit­ter­Power GmbH and its "Bit­ter­Liebe" brand
  • Foun­ders and pre­vious share­hol­ders re­tain a si­gni­fi­cant share in the com­pany
  • Eb­ner Stolz com­pre­hen­si­vely ad­vi­ses AR­CUS on fi­nan­cial and tax due di­li­gence as well as on tax as­pects of the Share Purchase Agree­ment
Stutt­gart, Ger­many, De­cem­ber 29, 2020 - The au­dit and con­sul­ting firm Eb­ner Stolz has ad­vi­sed the Mu­nich-ba­sed in­vest­ment com­pany AR­CUS Ca­pi­tal AG (AR­CUS) on the ma­jo­rity take­over of Bit­ter­Power GmbH and its "Bit­ter­Liebe" brand, which stands for mo­dern food supp­le­ments con­tai­ning bit­ter sub­stan­ces. Eb­ner Stolz has com­pre­hen­si­vely ad­vi­sed AR­CUS on this tran­sac­tion by me­ans of fi­nan­cial and tax due di­li­gence as well as on tax as­pects of the Share Purchase Agree­ment.

AR­CUS Ca­pi­tal AG is an ow­ner-ma­na­ged in­vest­ment com­pany that will sup­port Bit­ter­Power GmbH in the fu­ture as an en­tre­pre­neu­rial part­ner in the areas of stra­tegy de­ve­lop­ment, fi­nance and po­ten­tial in­ter­na­tio­na­liza­tion. For the achie­ve­ment of this pur­pose, AR­CUS Ca­pi­tal AG will contri­bute its many years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the ma­nage­ment of me­dium-si­zed com­pa­nies. Cur­rently, the com­pany port­fo­lio of AR­CUS Ca­pi­tal AG con­sists of in­dus­trial, me­dia as well as on­line com­pa­nies with a to­tal tur­no­ver of ap­pro­xi­mately 300 mil­lion eu­ros.

Bit­ter­Power GmbH, foun­ded in 2018, re­cor­ded tri­ple-di­git growth and sa­les of al­most a va­lue of a dou­ble-di­git mil­lion in its third fi­nan­cial year with the "Bit­ter­Liebe" brand. The suc­cess­ful par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" (VOX; Ger­man equi­va­lent to the US-show “Shark Tank”) in 2019 has si­gni­fi­cantly ac­ce­le­ra­ted this de­ve­lop­ment. The com­pany quickly achie­ved a high le­vel of awa­ren­ess and was able to po­si­tion its­elf sus­tai­nably in the mar­ket. The com­pany's pro­ducts are avail­able in its own on­line store, in on­line re­tail as well as in more than 4,000 stores of va­rious drugs­tore chains th­roug­hout Ger­many as well as via te­le­shop­ping.

Both foun­ders, An­dre Sie­rek and Jan Strat­mann, as well as the pre­vious share­hol­der Ju­dith Wil­liams will re­main sub­stan­ti­ally in­vol­ved in the com­pany af­ter the tran­sac­tion and they will shape the fu­ture busi­ness de­ve­lop­ment to­ge­ther with AR­CUS.

Team Eb­ner Stolz: Dr. Chris­toph Ep­pin­ger (Part­ner Pro­ject Lead, Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence), Fe­lix Fries, Flo­rian Sei­zer (both Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence), Alex­an­der Eu­ch­ner (Part­ner Tax Due Di­li­gence, Tax Ad­vise on Share Purchase Agree­ment), An­dreas For­rai (Tax Due Di­li­gence).

Press contact

Hen­ning Mar­bur­ger
Eb­ner Stolz
Holz­markt 1
50676 Köln
Tel.  +49 221 20643-628

Corporate contact

Dr. Chris­toph Ep­pin­ger
Eb­ner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1409

About Ebner Stolz

Eb­ner Stolz is one of the lar­gest in­de­pen­dent mid-mar­ket au­diting and con­sul­ting firms in Ger­many and ranks among the top ten in the in­dus­try. The com­pany has de­ca­des of in-depth ex­pe­ri­ence in au­diting, tax con­sul­ting, le­gal con­sul­ting and ma­nage­ment con­sul­ting. This broad spec­trum is of­fe­red by 1,700 em­ployees in the ty­pi­cal mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary ap­proach in all ma­jor Ger­man ci­ties and busi­ness cen­ters. As a mar­ket lea­der in the SME sec­tor, the com­pany mainly ser­ves me­dium-si­zed
in­dus­trial, com­mer­cial and ser­vice en­ter­pri­ses of all sec­tors and si­zes.

Eb­ner Stolz con­ducts cross-bor­der au­dit and con­sul­ting en­ga­ge­ments to­ge­ther with part­ners from Ne­xia In­ter­na­tio­nal, one of the world's ten lar­gest net­works of con­sul­ting and au­diting firms. Th­rough Ne­xia, Eb­ner Stolz is re­pre­sen­ted in over 120 coun­tries with more than 720 of­fices.

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