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Payroll Accounting

Le­gal re­qui­re­ments for HR de­part­ments’ ad­mi­nis­tra­tive tasks are ra­pidly in­cre­asing. Hig­her costs are not the least of the con­se­quen­ces. So there’s no way around the need to make a com­pany’s ad­mi­nis­tra­tive func­tions more ef­fi­ci­ent, more cost-ef­fec­tive, and more fle­xi­ble.

We per­form monthly pay­roll ac­coun­ting for all your em­ployees, and pre­pare and send em­ployee wi­th­hol­ding tax re­ports and do­cu­men­ta­tion of contri­bu­ti­ons for so­cial se­cu­rity. We also set up pay­roll ac­counts and handle all re­por­ting of pay­roll ad­di­ti­ons and re­mo­vals, re­ports to the em­ployer’s lia­bi­lity in­surance as­so­cia­tion and for workers’ com­pen­sa­tion contri­bu­ti­ons, ap­pli­ca­ti­ons for re­funds for em­ployer ex­pen­ses un­der the Ex­pense Com­pen­sa­tion Act, and other re­por­ting re­qui­red by law. We pre­pare in­di­vi­dua­li­zed boo­king vou­chers and also carry out all pay­ment tran­sac­tions as­so­cia­ted with the HR sys­tem.

Our services at a glance

  • Monthly pay­roll ac­coun­ting for your em­ployees, in­clu­ding pre­pa­ra­tion of ne­cessary re­por­ting for both ex­pa­tria­tes and lo­cal em­ployees
  • Ma­nage­ment of pay­roll ac­counts
  • All ne­cessary re­por­ting of pay­roll ad­di­ti­ons and re­mo­vals
  • Pre­pa­ring and sen­ding re­ports of contri­bu­ti­ons to so­cial se­cu­rity and wi­th­hol­ding tax re­ports
  • Sen­ding monthly pay state­ments to em­ployees
  • Pre­pa­ring all re­le­vant cer­ti­fi­ca­tes
  • Hand­ling all pay­ment traf­fic and main­tai­ning trust ac­counts where ap­plica­ble
  • Pre­pa­ring in­di­vi­dual ac­coun­ting re­ce­ipts
  • As­sis­tance and coope­ra­tion for em­ployee wi­th­hol­ding tax au­dits, so­cial se­cu­rity au­dits, au­dits by the un­em­ploy­ment ad­mi­nis­tra­tion’s job cen­ters
  • Con­sul­ting on all is­sues of em­ployee wi­th­hol­ding tax and so­cial se­cu­rity law
  • Pro­ces­sing tra­vel ex­pense claims and de­ve­lo­ping tra­vel ex­pense gui­de­lines
  • Cal­cu­la­ting re­ser­ves for va­ca­tion pay and pen­si­ons
  • Sup­por­ting your in-house HR ac­coun­ting
    • Set­ting up HR ac­coun­ting
    • Re­viewing pay state­ments and the ne­cessary re­ports
    • Plan­ning and or­ga­ni­zing ac­coun­ting pro­ce­du­res
    • Pro­vi­ding sup­port from qua­li­fied per­son­nel for bott­le­necks, etc.
    • Re­com­men­ding and im­ple­men­ting soft­ware pro­grams
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