Management Consulting

Integrated planning

Plan­ning is of­ten a wea­ri­some, time-con­su­ming pro­cess, in­vol­ving lots of peo­ple and lots of coor­di­na­tion mee­tings. Even worse luck if the plan then al­re­ady turns out to be out­da­ted be­cause of chan­ges in the mar­ket en­viron­ment.

What’s nee­ded is in­tel­li­gent plan­ning ap­proa­ches that also take ac­count of sce­na­rios, ac­tion plans, mid-year fo­re­casts, and so on. It should be pos­si­ble to make not only pro­fit plans, but also fi­nan­cial plans and ba­lance-sheet plans. To en­sure qua­lity and con­sis­tency, we of­fer in­te­gra­ted plan­ning in a high-per­for­mance tool that can also be used la­ter for re­por­ting. We can bring our strengths to bear in these chal­len­ging tasks: we of­fer tried and tes­ted so­lu­ti­ons and are ex­perts in im­ple­men­ting sui­ta­ble plan­ning tools.

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