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Ebner Stolz advises Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. on the acquisition of a majority stake in Four 20 Pharma GmbH

  • Lea­ding U.S. pro­vi­der of con­su­mer pro­ducts in can­na­bis, Cu­ra­leaf Hol­dings, Inc. ac­qui­res Four 20 Pharma GmbH, a fully EU-GMP and GDP li­cen­sed Ger­man ma­nu­fac­turer and dis­tri­bu­tor of me­di­cal can­na­bis
  • The ac­qui­si­tion un­ders­cores Cu­ra­leaf’s as­pi­ra­tion to be the ma­jor player in the Eu­ro­pean can­na­bis mar­ket
  • Eb­ner Stolz sup­por­ted the tran­sac­tion with a Fi­nan­cial and Tax Due Di­li­gence as well as SPA sup­port

Stutt­gart, Ger­many, Au­gust 18, 2022 - The au­diting and con­sul­ting firm Eb­ner Stolz has as­sis­ted Cu­ra­leaf Hol­dings, Inc. (Cu­ra­leaf) in the ac­qui­si­tion of a 55% stake in the Ger­man me­di­cal can­na­bis pro­du­cer and dis­tri­bu­tor Four 20 Pharma GmbH (Four 20 Pharma) with a Fi­nan­cial and Tax Due Di­li­gence.

Cu­ra­leaf Hol­dings is a lea­ding in­ter­na­tio­nal pro­vi­der of con­su­mer pro­ducts in can­na­bis, lis­ted on the Ca­na­dian Se­cu­ri­ties Ex­change. Cu­ra­leaf and its brands pro­vide in­dus­try-lea­ding ser­vice, pro­duct selec­tion and ac­ces­si­bi­lity across the me­di­cal and adult-use mar­kets. In the United Sta­tes, Cu­ra­leaf cur­rently ope­ra­tes in 22 sta­tes with 136 dis­pen­sa­ries, 26 cul­ti­va­tion sites, and em­ploys over 5,700 team mem­bers. Cu­ra­leaf In­ter­na­tio­nal is the lar­gest ver­ti­cally in­te­gra­ted can­na­bis com­pany in Eu­rope with a uni­que supply and dis­tri­bu­tion net­work.

Four 20 Pharma is a fully EU-GMP and GDP li­cen­sed Eu­ro­pean pro­du­cer and dis­tri­bu­tor of me­di­cal can­na­bis, head­quar­te­red in Pa­der­born, Ger­many, pro­vi­ding in­dus­try-lea­ding pro­duct qua­lity and best-in-class re­gu­latory ex­per­tise. In 2020, Four 20 Pharma en­te­red the Ger­man mar­ket with the launch of its 420NA­TU­RAL brand. The com­pany has crea­ted a steady supply chain by sour­cing from top EU-GMP cer­ti­fied suppliers around the world to de­li­ver can­na­bis pro­ducts to its cu­st­omers.

This stra­te­gic tran­sac­tion un­ders­cores Cu­ra­leaf’s as­pi­ra­tion to be the ma­jor player in the Eu­ro­pean mar­ket. Cu­ra­leaf's Eu­ro­pean busi­ness will im­me­dia­tely gain ad­di­tio­nal cri­ti­cal mass while the com­pany will be in a su­pe­rior po­si­tion to ca­pi­ta­lize on the ac­ce­le­ra­ting trends in the Eu­ro­pean can­na­bis mar­ket.

As part of the tran­sac­tion, Eb­ner Stolz pro­vi­ded com­pre­hen­sive Fi­nan­cial and Tax Due Di­li­gence ad­vice as well as SPA sup­port to Cu­ra­leaf to­ge­ther with the Bos­ton Of­fice of Ne­xia part­ner Cohn­Rez­nick LLP.

Team Eb­ner Stolz: Chris­tian Fuchs (Pro­ject-lea­ding Part­ner, Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence, SPA sup­port), Flo­rian Sei­zer (Pro­ject Lead, Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence, SPA sup­port), Jan-Ni­klas Her­den (Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence), Alex­an­der Eu­ch­ner (Part­ner, Tax Due Di­li­gence), To­bias Schupp (Tax Due Di­li­gence)


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Chris­tian Fuchs
Eb­ner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
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Phone +49 711 2049-1276

About Ebner Stolz

Eb­ner Stolz is one of the lar­gest in­de­pen­dent mid-mar­ket au­diting and con­sul­ting firms in Ger­many and ranks among the top ten in the in­dus­try. The firm has de­ca­des of in-depth ex­pe­ri­ence in au­diting, tax con­sul­ting, le­gal con­sul­ting and ma­nage­ment con­sul­ting. This broad spec­trum is of­fe­red by 1,900 em­ployees in the ty­pi­cal mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary ap­proach in all ma­jor Ger­man ci­ties and busi­ness cen­ters. As a mar­ket lea­der in the SME sec­tor, the firm pri­ma­rily ser­ves mid-si­zed in­dus­trial, com­mer­cial and ser­vice en­ter­pri­ses of all si­zes and in every sec­tor.

Eb­ner Stolz con­ducts cross-bor­der au­dit and con­sul­ting en­ga­ge­ments to­ge­ther with part­ners from Ne­xia In­ter­na­tio­nal, one of the world's ten lar­gest net­works of con­sul­ting and au­diting firms. Th­rough Ne­xia, Eb­ner Stolz is re­pre­sen­ted in over 125 coun­tries with 790 of­fices.

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