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FORECAST: What you need to know about succession

It is al­ways a dif­fi­cult un­der­ta­king when a youn­ger ge­ne­ra­tion of a me­dium si­zed fa­mily busi­ness fol­lows in the footsteps of their suc­cess­ful el­der. It is cru­cial to plan and ar­range the suc­ces­sion early. Nu­me­rous ques­ti­ons have to be cla­ri­fied. To name a few: Does the next ge­ne­ra­tion have the will and the abi­lity for suc­ces­sion? Which al­ter­na­ti­ves to fa­mily suc­ces­sion exist? How can the achie­ve­ment of a lifetime be trans­fer­red in a tax com­pli­ant way? This is es­pe­cially im­port­ant in light of the up­com­ing de­ci­sion re­gar­ding the pos­si­ble un­con­sti­tu­tio­na­lity of the cur­rent in­heri­tance tax law in the Fe­deral Con­sti­tu­tio­nal Court. 

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We can help you to re­duce the com­ple­xity of suc­ces­sion and contri­bute to a smooth change of ge­ne­ra­ti­ons. In our new is­sue of FO­RE­CAST, we re­veal the chal­len­ges of suc­ces­sion in me­dium si­zed fa­mily busi­nes­ses and point out nu­me­rous pro­blem-sol­ving ap­proa­ches.

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