Management Consulting

Reporting and monitoring

Once a com­pany’s goals have been de­fi­ned and bud­geted, they have to be mo­ni­to­red ef­fi­ci­ently. In­ter­nal re­por­ting is of­ten too lengthy, doesn’t ne­ces­sa­rily fo­cus on the real goals, or needs to be slim­med down. Usually just a few key fi­gu­res are enough to ma­nage the com­pany, and for the whole com­pany to fo­cus on. We pro­vide re­por­ting that’s ori­en­ted to de­ci­sion-ma­king and the re­cei­ver, with just a few, unam­bi­guous key fi­gu­res and clear struc­tures.

Re­por­ting to ow­ners or ex­ter­nal sta­ke­hol­ders like len­ders is also ex­tre­mely im­port­ant. For ex­am­ple, if cer­tain fi­nan­cial co­ven­ants have been agreed with pro­vi­ders of fi­nan­cing, those ar­ran­ge­ments too must be in­clu­ded in the com­pany’s tar­get sys­tem, and con­se­quently also in its re­por­ting. That enab­les the com­pany to ac­tively ma­nage com­pli­ance with those co­ven­ants. In the de­sign and pre­pa­ra­tion of re­por­ting, we can draw on ex­ten­sive prac­tical ex­pe­ri­ence and en­sure the best ap­proach for your com­pany’s si­tua­tion.

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