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Implementing regulatory aspects

The regulatory environment for financial institutions constantly poses new challenges. Regulations are becoming ever more dense, changeable and complex. The many circulars and guidelines from regulators cover more and more management activities, and permit fewer and fewer exceptions.

There is less toler­ance for infrac­ti­ons, which must be avo­i­ded. That’s why newly regu­la­ted mat­ters and con­di­ti­ons must be ana­ly­zed early to see how an indi­vi­dual entity should adjust, and to deve­lop imp­le­men­ta­tion stra­te­gies. We can assist you, for example, with

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  • Imp­le­men­ting Basel III
  • Pre­pa­ring for MiFID II com­p­li­ance
  • Orga­ni­zing com­p­li­ance struc­tu­res under BaFin’s Mini­mum Com­p­li­ance Requi­re­ments
  • Imp­le­men­ting amend­ments to the Money Laun­de­ring Act 

Basel III will cer­tainly come, though it’s not clear exactly when. These regu­la­ti­ons will set new capi­tal requi­re­ments for banks, no later than 2014, and will inc­rease banks’ hard core capi­tal. The tran­si­tion periods for intro­du­cing the future mini­mum requi­re­ments and buil­ding up a capi­tal buf­fer are short. We’ll be happy to help you with the necessary steps. 

The revi­sed draft of the Mar­kets in Finan­cial Instru­ments Direc­tive (MiFID II) will once again tigh­ten the rules of play for the ent­ire finan­cial ser­vices indu­s­try. This is inten­ded to furt­her improve inves­tor pro­tec­tion, and will pre­s­um­a­bly expand the num­ber of mat­ters sub­ject to per­mits. MiFID II will also furt­her nar­row the remai­ning excep­ti­ons for such enti­ties as dea­lers in mer­chan­dise. Alt­hough MiFID II is not expec­ted to take effect until 2014 or 2015, mar­ket parti­ci­pants who will be affec­ted must adjust their pro­fes­sio­nal and tech­ni­cal pro­ces­ses ear­lier. There may be a need for action in almost every aspect of a secu­ri­ties ser­vice pro­vi­der’s value chain. Have you already pre­pa­red an imp­le­men­ta­tion plan, and begun the pro­cess? We’re ready to help.

Pre­ven­tive mea­su­res against money laun­de­ring and the finan­cing of ter­r­o­rism are important ele­ments of finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons’ risk mana­ge­ment. The regu­latory requi­re­ments have recently under­gone a num­ber of amend­ments, impo­sing exten­sive pro­fes­sio­nal and con­cep­tual demands on every insti­tu­tion. The chan­ges will ine­vi­ta­bly require more invol­ve­ment of mana­ge­ment and staff at the cen­tral office. We can help you imp­le­ment the chan­ges that are rele­vant for your insti­tu­tion.

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