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Ebner Stolz Management Consultants assisting the take over of the segment SYSTEMS by RIPAC

Ebner Stolz Management Consultants assisting the take over of the segment SYSTEMS by RIPAC

Co­lo­gne, Au­gust 14, 2015 - RI­PAC GmbH is ac­qui­ring the SYS­TEMS unit of Jiffy Pa­cka­ging Eu­rope, an ope­ra­ting com­pany of Pre­gis Eu­rope Group, as part of an as­set deal. The ac­qui­si­tion will give RI­PAC, a spe­cia­list in cushio­ning and pa­cka­ging ma­te­ri­als lo­ca­ted in Gre­ven­broich, Ger­many, ac­cess to new mar­kets, in­clu­ding the United King­dom, Po­land, the Czech Re­pu­blic, Hun­gary, and France. It will also strengt­hen RI­PAC’s sa­les and mar­ke­ting ac­tivi­ties in Eu­rope, which have pre­viously fo­cu­sed on the Ger­man-spea­king and the Be­ne­lux coun­tries.

Broa­der pro­duct line will in­crease le­vel of in-house pro­duc­tion
The core pro­ducts of RI­PAC GmbH are films for va­rious pa­cka­ging and in­dus­trial ap­pli­ca­ti­ons, such as the air cushions used for ship­ping mer­chan­dise. The mer­ger will add foam (“foam in place”) and pa­per pro­ducts to RI­PAC’s pro­duct line. Ex­per­tise in these ad­di­tio­nal so­lu­ti­ons will in­crease RI­PAC’s le­vel of in-house pro­duc­tion and make it a sought-af­ter part­ner in the air cushion sys­tems busi­ness.

In­crea­sed cu­st­omer fo­cus and con­sul­ting ex­per­tise
Ac­cor­ding to Henny Rib­bink, the Ma­na­ging Di­rec­tor of RI­PAC, “We are con­vin­ced that SYS­TEMS is an out­stan­ding ad­di­tion to our cur­rent range of pro­ducts and ser­vices. The ac­qui­si­tion will strengt­hen our sa­les and mar­ke­ting, fur­ther in­cre­asing our cu­st­omer fo­cus and con­sul­ting ex­per­tise. I look for­ward to working with the new team as we pro­ceed along – and fur­ther ac­ce­le­rate – RI­PAC’s path to growth.” Rib­bink adds, “At this junc­ture, I would like to ex­press my thanks to the con­sul­ting team from Eb­ner Stolz and the Hopf­gar­ten law firm for their in­ten­sive sup­port, wi­thout which this tran­sac­tion would not have been such a suc­cess.”

Strong part­ners in the tran­sac­tion
Eb­ner Stolz in­itia­ted the tran­sac­tion and worked with the Hopf­gar­ten law firm to as­sist the ent­ire pro­cess. Be­si­des ma­na­ging the pro­cess, Eb­ner Stolz worked with an in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary team from Cor­po­rate Fi­nance to con­duct the due di­li­gence and pro­vi­ded sup­port in pre­pa­ring for in­te­gra­tion. Hopf­gar­ten draf­ted the purchase agree­ment, ne­go­tia­ted it with as­sis­tance from Eb­ner Stolz, and ad­vi­sed RI­PAC on em­ploy­ment con­tracts in the con­text of in­te­gra­tion. The par­ties have agreed to keep the purchase price con­fi­den­tial.

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Cor­po­rate con­tact at Hopf­gar­ten Rechts­anwälte
Sonja Ru­land, LL.M. (Co­lo­gne)

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About RI­PAC
RI­PAC, a lea­der in fle­xi­ble pa­cka­ging, has lo­ca­ti­ons in Ger­many, the Nether­lands, Bel­gium, France, the UK, Po­land, the Czech Re­pu­blic and Hun­gary. Its range of ac­tivi­ties in­clu­des ser­vices and film, foam, and pa­per pro­ducts. The com­pany was es­ta­blis­hed in 2008 and has its re­gis­te­red of­fice in Gre­ven­broich, Ger­many. More in­for­ma­tion on RI­PAC is avail­able at www.ri­

About Jiffy Pa­cka­ging Eu­rope
Jiffy Pa­cka­ging is part of the Pre­gis Eu­rope Group and is a lea­ding ma­nu­fac­turer of a di­verse range of pro­tec­tive pa­cka­ging pro­ducts. The com­pany was foun­ded in Eng­land in 1963, ma­king Jiffy pad­ded mai­ling bags. It has se­ven pro­duc­tion sites, in Wins­ford, Eng­land; Wel­len, Bel­gium; Bop­fin­gen, Ger­many; Pra­gue, Czech Re­pu­blic; Gli­wice, Po­land; Pie­tra Ne­ant, Ro­ma­nia; and Bu­da­pest, Hun­gary. The com­pany was ac­qui­red by Air­pack of Italy in May 2014. Ad­di­tio­nal in­for­ma­tion on Jiffy Pa­cka­ging Eu­rope is avail­able at www.jif­fy­packa­

About Eb­ner Stolz
Eb­ner Stolz is one of the lar­gest in­de­pen­dent mid-si­zed con­sul­ting firms in Ger­many and is among the Top Ten in the sec­tor. The firm has de­ca­des of in-depth ex­pe­ri­ence in au­diting, tax ad­vice, le­gal ad­vice, and cor­po­rate con­sul­ting. More than 1,150 em­ployees in all ma­jor Ger­man ci­ties and busi­ness cen­ters of­fer a broad range of ser­vices ba­sed on a multi-di­sci­pli­nary ap­proach. As a mid-size mar­ket lea­der, Eb­ner Stolz pri­ma­rily ad­vi­ses mid-si­zed in­dus­trial, tra­ding, and ser­vice com­pa­nies of all si­zes in every sec­tor. Cross-bor­der au­diting and con­sul­ting as­si­gn­ments are car­ried out with part­ners of Ne­xia In­ter­na­tio­nal, one of the world’s lea­ding net­works of in­de­pen­dent con­sul­ting and au­diting firms. Ne­xia has more than 600 of­fices in 100 coun­tries and is also one of the Top Ten in the sec­tor.
About Hopf­gar­ten Rechts­anwälte
With al­most 40 at­tor­neys and over 100 em­ployees, Hopf­gar­ten Rechts­anwälte is one of the lar­gest and best-known law firms in Ger­many’s Ber­gi­sches Land re­gion. Hopf­gar­ten has of­fices at two lo­ca­ti­ons – Wup­per­tal and Düssel­dorf – in the state of North Rhine-West­pha­lia, set­ting the hig­hest stan­dards for the pro­fes­sio­nal qua­lity of its le­gal work and in­di­vi­dual ser­vices to cli­ents. The firm’s core com­pe­ten­cies in­clude M&A, busi­ness and cor­po­rate law, ban­king and ca­pi­tal mar­kets law, con­struc­tion and ar­chi­tec­ture law, la­bor law, in­surance law, and in­heri­tance law. The fo­cus of its ad­vi­sory ser­vices is on en­tre­pre­neurs and com­pa­nies, with the ob­jec­tive not only of sol­ving pro­blems but also of en­su­ring the right struc­tures for the fu­ture. Ad­di­tio­nal in­for­ma­tion on Hopf­gar­ten Rechts­anwälte is avail­able at www.hopf­gar­

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