Management Consulting

Consolidation, preparation of financial statements

Even me­dium-si­zed com­pa­nies al­most al­ways ope­rate world­wide to­day. Apart from mul­ti­ple sites and le­gal units at home, their con­so­li­da­ted ma­nage­ment also has to in­clude com­pa­nies in other coun­tries. As a rule, this in­vol­ves very he­te­ro­ge­neous struc­tures, with dif­fe­rent ERP and fi­nan­cial ac­coun­ting sys­tems, dif­fe­rent data qua­lity, and monthly, quart­erly or an­nual fi­nan­cial state­ments that are only com­pa­ra­ble to a cer­tain ex­tent.

How can you be sure to get ac­cu­rate fi­nan­cial re­por­ting in­for­ma­tion about in­di­vi­dual com­pa­nies and the group du­ring the year? We com­bine our ex­pert know­ledge with prac­tical im­ple­men­ta­tion to set up stable, ma­na­ge­able pro­ces­ses to pre­pare pe­rio­dic fi­nan­cial state­ments wi­thin your cor­po­rate group.

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