A Major Challenge: The New Property Law Tax is Coming!

The pro­perty tax re­form in Ger­many po­ses ma­jor chal­len­ges for both com­pa­nies and in­di­vi­du­als who own pro­perty. For the new pro­perty tax ru­les to be ap­plied from year 2025, around 36 mil­lion pro­per­ties must be re­va­lued as of Ja­nu­ary 1, 2022 - with dif­fe­rent va­lua­tion me­thods de­pen­ding on the fe­deral state. In ad­di­tion to the fe­deral va­lua­tion mo­del ad­op­ted in 2019, there will be dif­fe­rent va­lua­tion mo­dels in cer­tain fe­deral sta­tes due to a sta­tutory es­cape clause. This me­ans, that dif­fe­rent data must be col­lec­ted de­pen­ding on the fe­deral state, which was not re­qui­red for the pre­vious de­cla­ra­ti­ons of unit va­lue.

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