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RSM Ebner Stolz advises on the sale of Allgaier de Puebla, S.A.R.L. de C.V. to Proma Group as part of the insolvency proceedings of the ALLGAIER Group

  • The sub­si­di­ary of All­gaier Werke GmbH, All­gaier de Pu­ebla, is a supplier to Ger­man car­ma­kers in the North Ame­ri­can mar­ket spe­cia­li­sing in the pro­duc­tion of struc­tu­ral com­pon­ents
  • The Proma Group, an Ita­lian au­to­mo­tive supplier, can fur­ther ex­pand its own pre­sence in the NAFTA re­gion th­rough the ac­qui­si­tion
  • RSM Eb­ner Stolz ad­vi­sed the sel­ler on the tran­sac­tion as M&A ad­vi­sor as well as on tax and com­pe­ti­tion law is­sues

Me­xico City, 11 June 2024, As the M&A ad­vi­sor ex­clu­si­vely man­da­ted by the in­sol­vency ad­mi­nis­tra­tion, RSM Eb­ner Stolz suc­cess­fully ad­vi­sed on the sale of All­gaier de Pu­ebla, S.A.R.L. de C.V., a sub­si­di­ary of ALL­GAIER Werke GmbH, to the Ita­lian Proma Group.

All­gaier de Pu­ebla has been an es­ta­blis­hed part­ner of Ger­man car­ma­kers in the North Ame­ri­can mar­ket for over a de­cade and spe­cia­li­ses in the pro­duc­tion of high-qua­lity struc­tu­ral parts and chas­sis com­pon­ents. In par­ti­cu­lar, the com­pany has a high le­vel of pro­duc­tion ex­per­tise in the areas of cold for­ming and as­sem­bly, which has enab­led it to rea­lise strong growth ra­tes in re­cent years. All 500 em­ployees will be ta­ken over.

Proma Group is an Ita­lian au­to­mo­tive supplier spe­cia­li­sing in the de­ve­lop­ment and ma­nu­fac­ture of seat con­struc­tions, car body com­pon­ents and chas­sis sys­tems and has been a re­lia­ble part­ner to the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try since 1980. With this ac­qui­si­tion, the com­pany ba­sed in Ca­serta, north of Nap­les, is con­ti­nuing its ex­pan­sion course.

The sale took place as part of the in­sol­vency pro­cee­dings of the ALL­GAIER Group, in which the ALL­GAIER Pro­cess Tech­no­logy di­vi­sion has al­re­ady been suc­cess­fully sold. With the sale of All­gaier de Pu­ebla, the first tran­sac­tion of the Au­to­mo­tive di­vi­sion can now be an­noun­ced.

RSM Eb­ner Stolz was com­mis­sio­ned by the in­sol­vency ad­mi­nis­tra­tors of PLUTA Rechts­an­walts GmbH to con­duct the sa­les pro­cess for the ALL­GAIER Group. A team led by distres­sed M&A ex­perts Mi­chael Eu­ch­ner and André La­ner was re­spon­si­ble for the suc­cess­ful se­arch for in­ves­tors and the ma­nage­ment of the pro­cess.

The par­ties have agreed not to dis­close the fi­nan­cial terms of the tran­sac­tion. The tran­sac­tion is ex­pec­ted to be com­ple­ted in the com­ing weeks. The an­ti­trust aut­ho­ri­ties still have to ap­prove the sale.

RSM Eb­ner Stolz team: Mi­chael Eu­ch­ner, André La­ner (part­ners re­spon­si­ble for the pro­ject), Jo­han­nes Brincks (pro­ject ma­na­ger), Carl-Fried­rich Schierhölter, Jan Schmidt, Se­bas­tian Grieb­ling, Marc Philip Ecker­mann, Fritz Krech (all M&A Ad­vi­sory, RSM Eb­ner Stolz Ma­nage­ment Con­sul­tants), Alex­an­der Eu­ch­ner (part­ner, tax), Dr Chris­toph Stock (coun­sel, com­pe­ti­tion law)

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RSM Eb­ner Stolz is one of the lar­gest in­de­pen­dent me­dium-si­zed au­diting and con­sul­ting firms in Ger­many. The com­pany is one of the top ten in the in­dus­try and has broad ex­per­tise in au­diting, tax, le­gal and ma­nage­ment con­sul­ting. With this mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary con­sul­ting ap­proach and over 2,100 em­ployees at 14 lo­ca­ti­ons, RSM Eb­ner Stolz is one of the mar­ket lea­ders in the SME sec­tor and sup­ports na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal in­dus­trial, com­mer­cial and ser­vice com­pa­nies in all sec­tors.

As a mem­ber of RSM In­ter­na­tio­nal, RSM Eb­ner Stolz of­fers its cli­ents high-qua­lity au­diting and ad­vi­sory ser­vices in 120 coun­tries world­wide with 830 of­fices.

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