Whistleblower Protection Act: What companies must do

With the so-cal­led Whist­leb­lo­wer Pro­tec­tion Act, the Ger­man le­gis­la­tor has im­ple­men­ted the EU's Whist­leb­lo­wer Di­rec­tive into Ger­man law in May 2023. The Whist­leb­lo­wer Pro­tec­tion Act has been in force for lar­ger com­pa­nies with 250 or more em­ployees since June 2023. Smal­ler com­pa­nies with 50 or more em­ployees must com­ply with the pro­vi­si­ons of the Act since De­cem­ber 17, 2023.

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