Compliance & Investigations

There is a high le­vel of pu­blic awa­ren­ess that com­pa­nies must ob­serve the laws and re­gu­la­ti­ons go­verning re­spon­si­ble cor­po­rate con­duct. Com­pli­ance has long since be­come an in­te­gral part of good cor­po­rate go­ver­nance.

This is an is­sue for small and me­dium-si­zed busi­nes­ses as well. If there is no com­pli­ance ma­nage­ment sys­tem in the com­pany or the sys­tem is not tailo­red to the com­pany's risks, there is no se­cure pro­tec­tion. Among other things, this can lead to con­side­ra­ble loss of re­pu­ta­tion and dra­ma­tic eco­no­mic risks, such as da­ma­ges or fi­nes.

Com­pli­ance is ea­sier said than done. An ounce of pre­ven­tion is al­ways worth a pound of cure. We help mi­ni­mize com­pli­ance risks in your ent­ire com­pany or mo­du­larly in in­di­vi­dual de­part­ments, re­gard­less of whe­ther they are tax, hu­man re­sour­ces or le­gal, purchasing or sa­les de­part­ments.

But what to do if a com­pli­ance vio­la­tion is sus­pec­ted or has al­re­ady been made pu­blic? In this case, the facts can be cla­ri­fied by neu­tral con­sul­tants. This is be­cause an in-house in­vest­ment in­vol­ves a mul­ti­tude of chal­len­ges and risks. We can meet these chal­len­ges thanks to our ex­per­tise and many years of ex­pe­ri­ence. We as­sist you with an in­de­pen­dent, com­pre­hen­sive and ra­pid in­ves­ti­ga­tion to in­itiate ci­vil, la­bor and cri­mi­nal law coun­ter­mea­su­res.

Our ex­perts, with many years of ex­pe­ri­ence from na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal pro­jects, can pro­vide you with com­pre­hen­sive, risk-ori­en­ted sup­port in in­tro­du­cing or im­pro­ving your com­pli­ance and cor­po­rate or­ga­niza­tion and can also iden­tify risks for your com­pany or even da­mage that has been cau­sed de­li­be­ra­tely or un­in­ten­tio­nally by em­ployees or out­siders.

Our services at a glance

  • Com­pli­ance / risk to pre­vent com­pli­ance vio­la­ti­ons
    • Risk as­sess­ments to iden­tify risks and ana­ly­sis of com­pli­ance struc­tures
    • De­ve­lop­ment of Com­pli­ance Ma­nage­ment Sys­tems (CMS)
    • In­te­rim ma­nage­ment of com­pli­ance func­tions
    • In­tro­duc­tion of IT-sup­por­ted risk ma­nage­ment ac­tivi­ties
    • Trai­ning/sup­port of em­ployees in com­pli­ance is­sues
  • In­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons to de­tect com­pli­ance vio­la­ti­ons
    • Spe­cial fo­ren­sic in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons/in­ter­nal in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons
    • Com­pli­ance due di­li­gence for cor­po­rate tran­sac­tions; de­ter­mi­na­tion of the risk le­vel of a tran­sac­tion
    • Fo­ren­sic data ana­ly­sis (IT Fo­ren­sics): struc­tu­red/un­struc­tu­red data
    • Back­ground re­se­arch on peo­ple and com­pa­nies
    • As­sis­tance in pro­ces­sing busi­ness is­sues for court pro­cee­dings
  • Re­me­dia­tion to im­prove your com­pli­ance
    • Com­pli­ance out­sour­cing
    • In­spec­tion/cor­rec­tion of the ICS
    • Pre­pa­ra­tion of au­dit rea­di­ness & in­ter­nal au­dit sup­port
    • De­ve­lop­ment of risk con­trol ma­tri­ces
    • Im­ple­men­ta­tion of Con­ti­nuous-Au­diting & Con­ti­nuous-Mo­ni­to­ring (CA/CM) sys­tems
    • In­tro­duc­tion of cri­sis ma­nage­ment sys­tems
    • Trai­ning of in­ter­nal au­di­tors
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