Restructuring concepts

Even if you’ve ta­ken fi­nan­cial steps, a re­or­ga­niza­tion won’t work out wi­thout a via­ble busi­ness mo­del. That’s why it’s im­port­ant to de­ve­lop so­lu­ti­ons from a ho­listic per­spec­tive. What stra­tegy will al­low the com­pany to stand out enough from others, en­sure sus­tai­nable earnings, and ge­ne­rate enough cash flow at least to ser­vice bor­ro­wings? What struc­tures and ca­pi­tal ex­pen­ditures are nee­ded for that? What re­struc­tu­ring pro­gram does that im­ply?

By using in­te­gra­ted plan­ning tools with a plan­ning ho­ri­zon of at least th­ree years, we en­sure trans­pa­rency about fi­nan­cing needs, and de­ve­lop cu­st­omi­zed con­cepts to co­ver those needs. By a care­ful ana­ly­sis, con­side­ring all for­mal and le­gal re­qui­re­ments, we re­duce risk to a ba­lan­ced mi­ni­mum for all in­te­rest groups in­vol­ved.

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