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Value Added Tax

Value added tax – VAT – appears on virtually every invoice. Even if it’s an everyday experience, the system for documenting value added tax and deducting input tax, which must work equally well in both national and cross-border commerce, takes a surprising amount of a company’s attention. If there’s a mistake, value added tax can quickly become a margin-killer.

Value added tax requirements involve more and more red tape, and are constantly changing. And VAT issues tend to come in for special scrutiny in tax audits, with the aid of special auditing software. It’s important not to underestimate potential tax risks and sanctions that can leave you financially stranded.

We make sure that you have your value added tax well in hand, in Germany and abroad. Our special concern is to find strategies to optimize value added tax and input tax, and to implement them in your company, avoiding mistakes that can slash margins.  Our Nexia colleagues, when needed, can help to quickly and practically clarify international issues that arise.

Our services at a glance

  • VAT Quick Check
  • In-house training programs
  • VAT manual
  • Assessment of national and international individual and special tax matters
  • VAT registrations in Germany and abroad
  • Input tax refund proceedings and other declaration obligations in Germany and abroad
  • Optimizing supply or service relationships subject to VAT
  • Input tax optimization for companies with mixed revenues or holding-company structures (e.g., banks or hospitals)
  • Assistance, advice, and if applicable representation in VAT audits, VAT inspections, and appeals in and out of court
  • Appeals in and out of court
  • Issues of criminal tax law / voluntarily coming forward

VAT Quick Check

Given how complex the VAT system is, it’s entirely possible that your company may have weak spots that ultimately cost you cash. Our VAT Quick Check is a highly practical tool for discovering those weak points. We start with a customized risk analysis, then perform a systematic study of identified risk areas, and point out areas with potential for improvement. You’ll also be on the safe side in tax audits: we analyze your internal data using auditing software that is also used by the tax authorities. So we can detect and correct unusual problem areas early. Which ensures better VAT structures.

VAT manual

To get the relevant processes down in black and white where your employees can find them, we help you develop a customized manual that describes standard cases that come up in your firm, with instructions about what to do and checklists.

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