Nexia Ebner Stolz

Transparency report 2017

Would you like to know the figures behind Ebner Stolz? We are one of the largest independent mid-sized consulting firms in Germany and are among the top ten in the industry. Our more than 1,300 partners and employees with decades of solid experience in accounting/auditing, tax consulting, legal consulting, and business consulting can be found at 15 locations in all major German cities and business centers. In 2016 Ebner Stolz generated revenue of approximately EUR 181 million.

Would you like to know even more about us? Acco­un­t­ants and acco­un­ting firms are legally requi­red to pub­lish a tran­s­pa­rency report every year on their web­site at the latest three months after the end of the calen­dar year, if they have con­duc­ted at least one finan­cial audit that year for a com­pany of pub­lic inte­rest.

Ebner Stolz Transparency report 2017© iStock

This tran­s­pa­rency report lays out all legally requi­red infor­ma­tion about the struc­ture and orga­niza­tion of Ebner Stolz GmbH & Co. KG Wirt­schafts­prü­fungs­ge­sell­schaft Steu­er­be­ra­tungs­ge­sell­schaft, Stutt­gart.

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