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The pu­blic is highly sen­si­tive as to whe­ther com­pa­nies com­ply with the laws and re­gu­la­ti­ons go­verning re­spon­si­ble cor­po­rate go­ver­nance. In­deed, com­pli­ance has long been a so­lid com­po­nent of good cor­po­rate go­ver­nance, which is not me­rely a ques­tion of abi­ding by all the laws and re­gu­la­ti­ons. In­stead, com­pli­ance is also part of va­lue- and va­lues-dri­ven cor­po­rate ma­nage­ment. Alt­hough for a long time, com­pli­ance was only an is­sue for large mul­ti­na­tio­nals, it is now im­port­ant for mid-si­zed com­pa­nies as well. It is not only a ques­tion of avo­iding fi­nan­cial risks, cri­mi­nal sanc­tions and da­mage to the com­pany's re­pu­ta­tion while pro­tec­ting its pro­perty and share­hol­ders' as­sets, but also of re­co­gnizing op­por­tu­nities that com­pli­ance can bring with it, in con­nec­tion with pro­cess and tax op­ti­miza­tion or the com­pany's re­pu­ta­tion as a busi­ness part­ner and an at­trac­tive em­ployer.

Mid-si­zed com­pa­nies ope­rate dif­fer­ently than large com­pa­nies: mid-si­zed com­pa­nies ad­dress stra­te­gic is­sues dif­fer­ently be­cause they are more fle­xi­ble and less fo­cu­sed on pro­cess. In ad­di­tion, mid-si­zed com­pa­nies are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by flat hier­ar­chies, vi­sio­nary lea­ders and of­ten pri­vate ow­nership. For these re­asons com­pli­ance looks dif­fe­rent in mid-si­zed com­pa­nies, and the ri­gid com­pli­ance sys­tems used by the big play­ers can­not sim­ply be im­po­sed on their mid-si­zed coun­ter­parts. In­stead, mid-si­zed com­pa­nies need a com­pli­ance sys­tem with a lean or­ga­niza­tion and a mo­du­lar struc­ture.

Eb­ner Stolz of­fers a cu­st­omi­zed com­pli­ance stra­tegy for every area of your busi­ness, so that the risks for each in­di­vi­dual de­part­ment and your com­pany as a whole can be iden­ti­fied. We don't just help you mi­ni­mize risks, but also create si­gni­fi­cant ad­ded va­lue for your com­pany.

Our services at a glance

  • Com­pany-wide or de­part­ment-wide Com­pli­ance Quick Checks
  • Pro­cess Im­ple­men­ta­tion of Com­pli­ance Ma­nage­ment Sys­tems
  • Com­pli­ance so­lu­ti­ons for in­di­vi­dual de­part­ments
  • Op­ti­miza­tion of the per­for­mance of in­di­vi­dual de­part­ments
  • Pre­pa­ra­tion of Com­pli­ance do­cu­ments, in­clu­ding a Code of Con­duct, Gui­de­lines (e.g. anti-cor­rup­tion, com­pe­ti­tion, gifts and in­vi­ta­ti­ons), job de­scrip­ti­ons for CCO and other Com­pli­ance ma­na­gers, ru­les of pro­ce­dure for the Com­pli­ance Com­mit­tee and com­pany-wide or de­part­ment-spe­ci­fic Com­pli­ance Ma­nual
  • Tax Com­pli­ance and op­ti­miza­tion of Cor­po­ra­tion In­come Ta­xa­tion and As­sis­tance with Tax Au­dits
  • Le­gal coun­sel for com­pli­ance vio­la­ti­ons
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