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Solingen, the “city of blades,” is famous all over the world for its cutlery and silverware. The manufacture of all products protected by the “Solingen” trademark is also a cornerstone of the city’s economy, representing 21% of all revenues generated by its manufacturing industry. But Solingen is also among the most important locations in Germany for the galvanizing industry, which is reflected in the research and development work going on at the Institut für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik Solingen. The city’s economy is rounded out by trade, handicrafts, and services, and a substantial portion of employees in these areas work for medium-sized companies.

Ebner Stolz’s Solin­gen office is a relia­ble and capable part­ner for these medium-sized com­pa­nies and those in the neigh­bo­ring region. Our one-stop con­sul­ting ser­vices ensure that your ques­ti­ons in the areas of acco­un­ting, taxes, law, and busi­ness will be ans­we­red com­p­le­tely and from a mul­ti­di­s­ci­p­li­nary per­spec­tive. Our con­sul­tants think about busi­ness in the same way you do: we speak the same lan­guage and seek practi­cal solu­ti­ons. For natio­nal enga­ge­ments, our col­lea­gues in Ebner Stolz’s other offices are always available. With our trus­ted part­ners in the glo­bal Nexia net­work always there to assist us, we can also easily handle cross-bor­der issues, pro­vi­ding expert ans­wers from the van­tage point of for­eign busi­ness and tax law.

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