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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Private equity / Fund design / Structured financing

En­tre­pre­neu­rial ac­tion calls for li­qui­dity. Apart from clas­sic ex­ter­nal fi­nan­cing, li­qui­dity can also be rai­sed th­rough cer­tain fi­nan­cing in­stru­ments. Have you con­side­red pri­vate equity, ven­ture ca­pi­tal, mez­za­nine ca­pi­tal, or as­set ba­cked se­cu­ri­ties (ABS) as pos­si­ble sour­ces of fi­nan­cing?

We can ad­vise you on what fi­nan­cing in­stru­ments are right for your par­ti­cu­lar com­pany's si­tua­tion, and how to see them th­rough. We pro­vide ex­pert fi­nan­cial and tax ad­vice to in­ves­tors when they in­iti­ally in­vest in com­pa­nies and in sub­se­quent fi­nan­cing rounds un­til the in­vest­ment is sold.

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Our services at a glance

  • Struc­tu­ring of fi­nan­cing
  • Ne­go­tia­ting in­vest­ment agree­ments
  • Plan­ning and im­ple­men­ta­tion of fi­nan­cing in­stru­ments, in­clu­ding
    • Mez­za­nine ca­pi­tal
    • Sub­ord­ina­ted lo­ans
    • Sil­ent part­nerships
    • Seed fi­nan­cing
    • Growth fi­nan­cing
    • Ven­ture ca­pi­tal
  • Re­viewing exit sce­na­rios for fi­nan­cing in­stru­ments
  • Car­ry­ing out as­set ba­cked se­cu­ri­ties tran­sac­tions
  • Plan­ning and im­ple­men­ting le­ver­aged buy­outs (LBOs)
  • Struc­tu­ring clo­sed-end funds, in­clu­ding pre­pa­ring of­fe­ring pro­spec­tu­ses
  • Ne­go­tia­ting syn­di­ca­ted loan agree­ments
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