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Private equity / Fund design / Structured financing

Entrepreneurial action calls for liquidity. Apart from classic external financing, liquidity can also be raised through certain financing instruments. Have you considered private equity, venture capital, mezzanine capital, or asset backed securities (ABS) as possible sources of financing?

We can advise you on what finan­cing instru­ments are right for your parti­cu­lar com­pany's situa­tion, and how to see them through. We pro­vide expert finan­cial and tax advice to inve­s­tors when they ini­tially invest in com­pa­nies and in sub­se­qu­ent finan­cing rounds until the invest­ment is sold.

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Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Struc­tu­ring of finan­cing
  • Nego­tia­ting invest­ment agree­ments
  • Plan­ning and imp­le­men­ta­tion of finan­cing instru­ments, inclu­ding
    • Mez­zanine capi­tal
    • Sub­or­d­i­na­ted loans
    • Sil­ent part­nerships
    • Seed finan­cing
    • Growth finan­cing
    • Ven­ture capi­tal
  • Revie­wing exit sce­na­rios for finan­cing instru­ments
  • Car­rying out asset backed secu­ri­ties tran­sac­ti­ons
  • Plan­ning and imp­le­men­ting levera­ged buyouts (LBOs)
  • Struc­tu­ring clo­sed-end funds, inclu­ding pre­pa­ring offe­ring pro­s­pec­tu­ses
  • Nego­tia­ting syn­di­ca­ted loan agree­ments

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