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Mergers & acquisitions / Consulting on transactions / Restructuring

Mar­kets change. So do com­pa­nies, of course. That’s why exis­ting com­pa­nies and cor­po­rate struc­tures need to be re­viewed re­gu­larly to en­sure they still make good eco­no­mic sense – and make the best use of avail­able le­gal and tax op­ti­ons.

We can work with you to see whe­ther mer­gers and ac­qui­si­ti­ons might help achieve your busi­ness goals th­rough the ac­qui­si­tion or di­vest­ment of equity in­te­rests. Then to­ge­ther we can carry out the purchase, sale or mer­ger stra­tegy we ar­rive at with you, with due at­ten­tion to all le­gal and tax as­pects.

But mar­ket si­tua­ti­ons can also make it ne­cessary to change struc­tures wi­thin a com­pany or cor­po­rate group. We’ll find the best so­lu­tion to take ac­count of your in­di­vi­dual cor­po­rate needs, th­rough a re­struc­tu­ring or con­trac­tual ar­ran­ge­ments.

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Our services at a glance:

  • Con­sul­ting on tran­sac­tions
    • Struc­tu­ring of cor­po­rate tran­sac­tions
    • As­sis­tance with auc­tio­ned sa­les
    • Ne­go­tia­ting con­fi­den­tia­lity agree­ments, let­ters of in­tent and me­mo­randa of un­der­stan­ding
    • Pre­pa­ring and con­duc­ting due di­li­gence (le­gal, fi­nan­cial and tax)
    • Pre­pa­ring the con­tracts, re­so­lu­ti­ons and other do­cu­ments nee­ded for the tran­sac­tion
    • As­sis­ting with con­tract ne­go­tia­ti­ons
    • Dea­ling with an­ti­trust as­pects
    • Re­co­gnizing and mee­ting any dis­clo­sure du­ties un­der se­cu­ri­ties laws
    • Joint ven­ture agree­ments
    • Ad­vice and im­ple­men­ta­tion for ma­nage­ment buy-outs (MBO) and ma­nage­ment buy-ins (MBIs)
    • Ad­vice and im­ple­men­ta­tion for post-mer­ger in­te­gra­tion
  • Re­struc­tu­ring
    • Pre­pa­ra­tion and exe­cu­tion of re­struc­tu­ring – e.g., mer­gers, split-ups and spin-offs
    • Re­view and im­ple­men­ta­tion of chan­ges of le­gal form
    • Pre­pa­ra­tion of con­trol and pro­fit-and-loss trans­fer agree­ments
    • Pre­pa­ra­tion of third-party ma­nage­ment agree­ments and busi­ness lea­ses
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