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IT Law and Data Protection

With the advancement of digitalization, companies of all sizes are now forced to address IT law issues. Software is purchased, leased or programmed in-house, and software maintenance and service agreements are concluded.

With the advan­ce­ment of digi­ta­liza­tion, com­pa­nies of all sizes are now for­ced to address IT law issues. Soft­ware is purcha­sed, lea­sed or pro­gram­med in-house, and soft­ware main­tenance and ser­vice agree­ments are con­clu­ded. Domains are regis­te­red or bought, e-com­merce sys­tems are ope­ra­ted, com­pa­nies’ own web­si­tes go live, and e-mail adver­ti­sing is sent out. Not only are all of these areas tech­ni­cally chal­len­ging, but they also entail sig­ni­fi­cant legal risks. This requi­res good advice. The cor­rect course should be set in advance to pre­vent cri­ses during the imp­le­men­ta­tion of IT pro­jects or objec­ti­ons by data pro­tec­tion aut­ho­ri­ties or com­pe­ti­tion asso­cia­ti­ons, for example.

We assist and advise you on all points of infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy law. This inclu­des pro­vi­ding legal advice and sup­port when con­tracts are being con­clu­ded as well as assi­s­tance in nego­tia­ti­ons with the coun­ter­party when things are no lon­ger run­ning smoothly in an IT pro­ject. We rep­re­sent your inte­rests in court cases and in dea­lings with the aut­ho­ri­ties.

Nowa­days, data pro­tec­tion law affects com­pa­nies across the board. Glit­ches in or bre­a­ches of data pri­vacy are not solely a com­p­li­ance pro­b­lem and are fol­lo­wed up by data pro­tec­tion aut­ho­ri­ties; they are also recei­ving inc­rea­sed atten­tion from the gene­ral pub­lic. Since the adop­tion of the EU Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion, per­so­nal data bre­a­ches will carry large fines from May 2018 at the latest. We help you to avoid infrin­ging the law and dama­ging your image and to imp­le­ment the data pro­tec­tion requi­re­ments of the Regu­la­tion in your enter­prise.

Given the over­laps bet­ween IT law, intel­lec­tual pro­perty, and com­pe­ti­tion law issues, our team is made up of attor­neys who spe­cia­lize in the fields of infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy law and the adja­cent area of com­mer­cial legal pro­tec­tion. Our attor­neys work clo­sely with GBIT (EBNER STOLZ’s IT Tes­ting divi­sion) to tap into its exper­tise in IT secu­rity mat­ters and in the practi­cal mana­ge­ment of IT pro­jects for your bene­fit.

Our ser­vices at a glance

  • Con­tracts for buying and sel­ling stan­dard and custo­mi­zed soft­ware pac­ka­ges
  • Com­plex sets of agree­ments for soft­ware pro­jects for dif­fe­rent pro­cess models
  • Assis­ting with IT pro­jects in cri­sis
  • Main­tenance and sup­port agree­ments
  • Hard­ware purchase agree­ments
  • Pro­gram­ming agree­ments
  • Out­sour­cing arran­ge­ments and soft­ware lea­sing (ASP, SaaS, cloud solu­ti­ons)
  • Escrow arran­ge­ments (safe­kee­ping of source code)
  • Con­tracts for web­site deve­lop­ment or other IT ser­vices
  • Hel­ping to resolve dis­pu­tes over soft­ware audits and soft­ware asset mana­ge­ment (SAM)
  • Legal advice in all data pro­tec­tion issues
  • Imp­le­men­ta­tion of the requi­re­ments of the EU Gene­ral Data Pro­tec­tion Regu­la­tion (pos­si­bly also as pro­ject sup­port in con­junc­tion with our IT Tes­ting divi­sion (GBIT))
  • Legally com­p­li­ant orga­niza­tion of con­trac­ted data pro­ces­sing
  • Rep­re­sen­ta­tion in dea­lings with the data pro­tec­tion aut­ho­ri­ties
  • e-com­merce agree­ments (web shop sys­tems, web­site con­tent, Gene­ral Terms and Con­di­ti­ons)
  • Advi­sing on domain con­tracts and hel­ping to resolve domain dis­pu­tes
  • Cri­mi­nal law advice in the field of IT law
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