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Legal consulting: Experienced professionals

Legal consulting

Experienced legal consultants aren’t phased by business and tax law questions. Do you have basic professional experience in legal consulting, and do you have the ability to keep the big picture in view while offering your clients legal advice that conforms to tax law?

If so, we’d be glad to hear from you! Your work will cover the ent­ire range of busi­ness law ques­ti­ons, espe­cially those that arise directly from our mul­ti­di­s­ci­p­li­nary approach to con­sul­ting. You will have the oppor­tunity to spe­cia­lize and work clo­sely with our acco­un­t­ants, audi­tors, tax advi­sors, and busi­ness con­sul­tants. For inter­na­tio­nal ques­ti­ons you will be able to con­sult our part­ners in the Nexia net­work and will work out the right solu­ti­ons with them for your cli­ents.

Your pro­file

  • Mul­tiple years of rele­vant pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence
  • Stu­dies in (busi­ness) law with a con­cen­t­ra­tion in tax law, cor­po­rate law, inhe­ri­tance law, busi­ness law, emp­loy­ment law, etc.
  • State exa­mi­na­tion with at least satis­factory results
  • Good com­pu­ter skills and know­ledge of Eng­lish
  • Well-deve­lo­ped social skills
  • Wil­ling­ness to learn and work hard

What we offer you

  • Exten­sive oppor­tuni­ties for furt­her trai­ning
  • Direct con­tact with cli­ents
  • A diverse range of inde­pen­dent pro­fes­sio­nal acti­vi­ties
  • Mana­ge­ment res­pon­si­bi­li­ties
  • Excel­lent pro­s­pects for advan­ce­ment in a gro­wing com­pany
  • A gene­ra­list’s expo­sure to various fields and indu­s­tries
  • Flat hier­ar­chies
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