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Ebner Stolz supports Atlas Copco in the acquisition of Scheugenpflug AG

  • At­las Copco ac­qui­res Scheu­gen­pflug AG, which of­fers so­lu­ti­ons for ad­he­sive dis­pen­sing and pot­ting tech­no­logy
  • Scheu­gen­pflug AG will be­come part of the At­las Copco IAS di­vi­sion („In­dus­trial As­sem­bly So­lu­ti­ons“) wi­thin the busi­ness area „In­dus­trial Tech­ni­que“
  • As part of the Due Di­li­gence pro­cess, Eb­ner Stolz pro­vi­ded sup­port to At­las Copco with a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary team

Co­lo­gne, 17th Ja­nu­ary 2020 - The au­diting and con­sul­ting firm Eb­ner Stolz ad­vi­sed At­las Copco on the ac­qui­si­tion of Scheu­gen­pflug AG as part of a Fi­nan­cial and Tax Due Di­li­gence as well as with SPA-ser­vices and va­lua­tion ser­vices.

At­las Copco is a lea­ding glo­bal in­dus­trial firm with around 37,000 em­ployees and cu­st­omers in more than 180 coun­tries. The pro­ducts and ser­vices of the group are split over four busi­ness areas and en­com­pass com­pres­sors and va­cuum so­lu­ti­ons and ge­ne­ra­tors, power tools, as­sem­bly so­lu­ti­ons, ad­he­sive dis­pen­sing and me­cha­ni­cal joi­ning so­lu­ti­ons as well as the cor­re­spon­ding ser­vices. In 2018, At­las Copco has ge­ne­ra­ted re­ve­nues of around EUR 9 bil­lion.

Scheu­gen­pflug AG is head­quar­te­red in Neu­stadt an der Do­nau and pro­vi­des so­lu­ti­ons for ad­he­sive dis­pen­sing and pot­ting tech­no­logy that are used in va­rious in­dus­tries. A spe­cia­li­sa­tion is in highly au­to­ma­ted sys­tem so­lu­ti­ons such as dis­pen­sing cells and va­cuum pot­ting cham­bers. The com­pany has more than 600 em­ployees and has ge­ne­ra­ted re­ve­nues of around EUR 80 mil­lion in 2018.

As part of the take­over of Scheu­gen­pflug AG, a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary team of Eb­ner Stolz ad­vi­sed At­las Copco with a Fi­nan­cial and Tax Due Dili­gence as well as with SPA-ser­vices and an in­di­ca­tive com­pany va­lua­tion.

Eb­ner Stolz team: Dr. Nils Men­gen (Part­ner Tran­sac­tion Ad­vi­sory Ser­vices, Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence, SPA, va­lua­tion ser­vices), Jan­nis Pulm, Marc Ro­bin Lüpertz, Be­ne­dikt-Ma­ria Bril­ler (all Fi­nan­cial Due Di­li­gence), Flo­rian Leis (va­lua­tion ser­vices) as well as Tho­mas Her­zo­gen­rath (Part­ner M&A Tax, Tax Due Di­li­gence, SPA), Cars­ten Hild and Fa­bio Fer­rara (both Tax Due Di­li­gence)

Press Con­tact

Dr. Ul­rike Höreth
Eb­ner Stolz
Kro­nen­straße 30
70174 Stutt­gart
Tel.  +49 711 2049-1371

Cor­po­rate Con­tact

Dr. Nils Men­gen
Eb­ner Stolz
Holz­markt 1
50676 Co­lo­gne
Tel.  +49 221 20643-151­gen@eb­ner­

About Ebner Stolz

Eb­ner Stolz is one of the lar­gest in­de­pen­dent mid-si­zed MDP firms in Ger­many and is among the Top Ten in the sec­tor. The firm has de­ca­des of in-depth ex­pe­ri­ence in au­diting, cor­po­rate fi­nance, tax ad­vice, le­gal ad­vice, and cor­po­rate con­sul­ting. With more than 1,500 em­ployees and cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a mar­ket-lea­ding po­si­tion in the mid-cap tran­sac­tion mar­ket, the sec­tor Cor­po­rate Fi­nance plays a cen­tral role wi­thin Eb­ner Stolz. The Cor­po­rate Fi­nance team pre­do­mi­nantly ad­vi­ses me­dium-si­zed in­dus­trial en­ter­pri­ses as well as Pri­vate Equity com­pa­nies and Fa­mily Of­fices in the course of na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal tran­sac­tions.

Cross-bor­­der audi­­ting and con­­su­l­­ting as­sig­n­­ments are car­ried out with par­t­­ners of Ne­xia In­ter­na­­ti­o­­nal, one of the world’s top ten net­works of inde­pen­­dent con­­su­l­­ting and audi­­ting firms. With more than 700 Ne­xia of­fices worl­d­wide Eb­ner Stolz is pre­­sent in more than 120 coun­­tries.

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