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Corporate Law

Choo­sing the right le­gal form is a ques­tion that crops up more of­ten than just when a com­pany is being foun­ded. De­pen­ding on how a com­pany de­ve­lops, how it’s fi­nan­ced, or who plays key ro­les be­hind it, choo­sing a le­gal form may emerge again as an is­sue. Cor­po­rate law of­fers a va­riety of op­ti­ons. We can help you find the right one for you.

Wha­te­ver the si­tua­tion – heavy re­li­ance on in­di­vi­du­als that calls for a com­mer­cial or li­mited part­nership, a mar­ket si­tua­tion that ma­kes a li­mited-lia­bi­lity com­pany or stock cor­po­ra­tion pre­fe­ra­ble, or an in­ves­tor in the back­ground who ma­kes a sil­ent part­nership de­si­ra­ble – we’ll work using the goals we de­ve­lop with you to find a cu­st­omi­zed so­lu­tion for your com­pany: one that con­siders not only cor­po­rate law but also eco­no­mic and tax con­cerns.

Our services at a glance

  • Plan­ning the or­ga­niza­tion of a com­pany
  • Or­ga­ni­zing the com­pany, with all terms of or­ga­niza­tio­nal agree­ments
  • Re­viewing and re­vi­sing exis­ting or­ga­niza­tio­nal agree­ments
  • Ap­poin­ting and dis­mis­sing of­fi­cers
  • As­sis­tance with share­hol­ders’ mee­tings
  • Ad­vice and im­ple­men­ta­tion for fi­nan­cing ac­tions (e.g., sil­ent in­vest­ments and sub-in­vest­ments)
  • Cor­po­rate ac­tions, in­clu­ding ca­pi­tal in­crea­ses and ca­pi­tal re­duc­tions, stock buy-backs, em­ployee stock ow­nership plans
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