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Nexia Ebner Stolz


Corporate financing

Medium-sized com­pa­nies are highly inno­va­tive, but often under-capi­ta­li­zed. To help you carry out your plans in the right con­text with the necessary speed, we can pro­vide ser­vices like:

  • Ana­ly­zing capi­tal struc­ture and deve­lo­ping sui­ta­ble finan­cing con­cepts
  • Sup­port and pro­cess mana­ge­ment in imp­le­men­ting struc­tu­red finan­cing
  • Obtai­ning finan­cing in dif­fi­cult cor­po­rate situa­ti­ons
  • Assis­ting with fin­ding and rai­sing capi­tal
  • Opti­mi­zing inter­nal finan­cing, espe­cially wor­king capi­tal
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