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Cleaner and more user-friendly: our new website

Our web­site has a bright new look. Our goal is to meet your needs, so that you’ll be able to find what’s re­ally of in­te­rest and re­le­vance to you. You’ll find the most im­port­ant in­for­ma­tion and hot­test to­pics right here on our home­page.

We be­lieve in gi­ving vi­si­tors to our site just the right amount of in­for­ma­tion – not too much, not too little. Un­der the Ser­vices menu, you’ll find a list of the four areas that make up our core busi­ness –au­diting/ac­coun­ting, tax con­sul­ting, le­gal con­sul­ting and busi­ness con­sul­ting. We are your sin­gle source for all of these ser­vices. But in ad­di­tion to our ex­per­tise, we have an im­pres­sive track re­cord of hand­ling work for a wide range of in­dus­tries. We have the right ex­pert for every in­dus­try. Many of the prac­tical is­sues our cli­ents ap­proach us about call for in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary ac­tion, which is why our con­sul­tants from the four di­sci­plines work side by side to come up with com­pre­hen­sive so­lu­ti­ons. You’ll find a list of the key areas where we put this in­ter­di­sci­pli­nary ap­proach into ac­tion un­der To­pics. In­te­res­ted in learning more about Eb­ner Stolz as a firm? Sim­ply look un­der Firm. And if you're in­te­res­ted in be­com­ing one of our col­lea­gues, you’ll find all you need to know un­der Ca­re­ers.

We can also keep pace with the in­ter­na­tio­nal scene – with the help of our part­ners in the Ne­xia net­work. Un­der the Glo­bal menu can get a ge­ne­ral idea of re­cent in­ter­na­tio­nal de­ve­lop­ments. We hope you’ll enjoy our new web­site and look for­ward to re­cei­ving your feed­back and other sug­ges­ti­ons.

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