Management Consulting

Business model optimization

Fi­gu­res for the suc­cess of busi­ness mo­dels have to hold up against in­cre­asin­gly short cy­cles of heavy stres­ses from the mar­ket en­viron­ment. As part of busi­ness mo­del op­ti­miza­tion, we pro­vide ideas about how to re­de­fine fun­da­men­tal ap­proa­ches to doing busi­ness.

In many ca­ses these are trig­ge­red by new ru­les of play in the mar­ket and new com­pe­ti­tive con­stel­la­ti­ons. Of­ten there are also si­tua­tio­nal op­por­tu­nities for a com­pany to make the most of its own strengths.

De­pen­ding on how am­bi­tious a cli­ent wants to be, we ap­ply a va­riety of me­thods to work out what as­pects of a prior busi­ness ap­proach need ad­just­ment. So­me­ti­mes just shif­ting a small le­ver or in­tro­du­cing a well-placed in­no­va­tion is all it ta­kes to get ahead with an exis­ting mo­del. Or it may be ne­cessary to look at the whole va­lue chain and op­ti­mize mar­gins at se­veral le­vels si­mul­ta­neo­usly. Once an op­ti­mi­zed busi­ness mo­del is de­fi­ned, we work with ma­nage­ment to de­ve­lop pro­grams for suc­cess­ful im­ple­men­ta­tion wi­thin the or­ga­niza­tion

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