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Nexia Ebner Stolz

Management Consulting

Business model optimization

Figures for the success of business models have to hold up against increasingly short cycles of heavy stresses from the market environment. As part of business model optimization, we provide ideas about how to redefine fundamental approaches to doing business.

In many cases these are trig­ge­red by new rules of play in the mar­ket and new com­pe­ti­tive con­s­tel­la­ti­ons. Often there are also situa­tio­nal oppor­tuni­ties for a com­pany to make the most of its own strengths.

Depen­ding on how ambi­tious a cli­ent wants to be, we apply a variety of methods to work out what aspects of a prior busi­ness approach need adjust­ment. Someti­mes just shif­ting a small lever or intro­du­cing a well-placed inno­va­tion is all it takes to get ahead with an exis­ting model. Or it may be necessary to look at the whole value chain and opti­mize marg­ins at several levels simul­ta­neously. Once an opti­mi­zed busi­ness model is defi­ned, we work with mana­ge­ment to deve­lop pro­grams for suc­cess­ful imp­le­men­ta­tion wit­hin the orga­niza­tion

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