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Nexia Ebner Stolz


Germany Welcomes Nexia: The EMEA Regional Meeting 2014 is to be Held in Berlin

Nexia’s sec­ret to suc­cess lie wit­hin the close per­so­nal con­tacts bet­ween the world­wide mem­bers of the net­work. Not face­less con­sul­tants work toge­ther, but rather col­lea­gues who value and know each other per­so­nally. The foun­da­tion of these tight bonds is the annual con­fe­ren­ces in various loca­ti­ons with cur­rent tech­ni­cal lec­tu­res, com­bi­ned with the per­so­nal exchan­ges bet­ween parti­ci­pants.

This year’s EMEA Regio­nal Mee­ting takes place in Ber­lin from 9. - 11. April 2014. Wit­hin this frame­work, the experts from the Nexia net­work dis­cuss inter­na­tio­nal issues in the areas of tax, law, repor­ting and audi­ting. One of the high­lights of the mee­ting is the speech of Megan Greene - one of the lea­ding eco­no­mists on the politi­cal and eco­no­mic deve­lop­ment of Europe. She deba­tes the topic “The Euro­zone - Cri­sis over?”

The for­mat its­elf is simi­lar to last year. In addi­tion to the tech­ni­cal lec­tu­res and news upda­tes from the net­work, there is enough time for infor­mal net­wor­king and the exchange of ideas. Further­more, an exci­ting social pro­gram is offe­red to the parti­ci­pants, e.g. an exp­lo­ra­tion of Ber­lin with the famous Trabi car. 

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