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Nexia Ebner Stolz


Retail Summit - Port of Thoughts 2015: The Future of Retail: Cross-Channel Marketing

Eve­r­yone is tal­king about the digi­ta­liza­tion of retail. What are the resul­ting oppor­tuni­ties and chal­len­ges for brick-and-mortar retail? For example, can digi­tal offe­rings add value to phy­si­cal sto­res? How should brick-and-mortar busi­nes­ses and digi­tal opti­ons for access be desig­ned and inte­g­ra­ted to ensure custo­mer satis­fac­tion? What are the basic hab­its of con­su­mers? Which soft­ware, apps and devices should retai­lers con­cen­t­rate on?

These issues are being hotly deba­ted in the indu­s­try and were the­re­fore the focus of the “3rd Retail Sum­mit - Port of Thoughts” held in Ham­burg, Ger­many, on October  1, 2015. Some 300 parti­ci­pants accep­ted a joint invi­ta­tion to the event from the Evers­frank Group, an inter­na­tio­nal media com­pany; como­soft GmbH, a com­pany spe­cia­li­zing in data­base-dri­ven media pro­ducts; and Ebner Stolz Mana­ge­ment Con­sul­tants.

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