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Nexia Global Indirect Taxes September 2015

In this news­let­ter we look at th­ree ty­pes of com­mon tran­sac­tions which re­gu­larly give rise to pro­blems, and con­sider how they are dealt with for in­di­rect tax pur­po­ses in dif­fe­rent coun­tries around the world.


Di­gi­tal Supplies

  • Aus­tra­lia
  • Ja­pan
VAT as­pects of the trans­fer of a go­ing con­cern
  • Eu­rope
  • Sin­ga­pore
  • Swit­zer­land
How Eu­rope, Sin­ga­pore and Aus­tra­lia deal with con­si­gn­ment stocks, an in­di­rect tax si­tua­tion

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